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‘Catching Fire’ Scores 3 More Nominations for the Teen Choice Awards

20140617-153110-55870218.jpgLast month, the Teen Choice Awards revealed the first set of nominations for their annual awards show and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire scored 4 nods.  Now the TCA’s have released the second wave of  nominations and the film gained 3 more, for a total of 7!

Choice Movie Villain

• Michael Fassbender, X-Men: Days of Future Past
 Jamie Foxx, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
 Kelsey Grammer, Transformers: Age of Extinction
 Kate Winslet, Divergent
 Donald Sutherland, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Choice Movie Scene Stealer

• Sam Claflin, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
• Nicholas Hoult, X-Men: Days of Future Past
 Anthony Mackie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
 Ellen Page, X-Men: Days of Future Past
 Nat Wolff, The Fault In Our Stars

Choice Movie Liplock

 Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
 Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
 Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Will Poulter, We’re The Millers
 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
 Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, The Fault In Our Stars

Check out Catching Fire’s previous nominations, as well as those for the cast members as well.

Voting is up and running so be sure to support our HG family! Click here to have your voice heard!

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards will air Sunday, August 10th on FOX!

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The Rebels Make their Mark on TheCapitol.PN

Last night Beetee completed a new attack against The Capitol.PN’s twitter feed. In a tweet since deleted, the rebels instruct us to take a closer look at the official Capitol page.

rebel tweet

So, of course we had to follow instructions and headed to TheCapitol.PN and right clicked to check the source code (Inspect Element or View Source) and voila this was revealed.

rebel message 1

Jabberjays.net readers who are very musically inclined ;0 realized that the “G-Bb-A-D” in the tweet actually represent the notes to Rue’s Whistle (How cool is Beetee for that one?)

Where and when will the rebels strike next? Keep watch!

Thanks to Fangirlish for capturing the tweet image!

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WATCH: EPIX Exclusive BTS of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

EPIX is continuing it’s countdown to the World Premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! They recently released a video showing their exclusive featurette of the making of the film that will debut the night of the premiere.

Check out the rest of EPIX promotion for the film release here.

Catching Fire makes its television debut on July 26th.

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Celebrate Catching Fire TV Premiere with Contests, Giveaways, and More!

640x640_Catching-Fire_Square-Promo-Images_FIX-2The countdown has begun! On July 26, Catching Fire travels from the big screen to your living room with its World Television Premiere. EPIX will be hosting the premiere, and in celebration of what Effie would surely call a “big, big, big day,” the station will also be hosting contests and giveaways for the fans! If you’ve been going Capitol-crazy waiting for the November premiere of Mockingjay: Part One, then this will be sure to tide you over. Read all about the exciting contests and premiere details under the jump! Continue Reading »

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Woody Harrelson Receives Lead Actor Emmy Nomination for ‘True Detective’

HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary Fukunaga

Nominations for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this morning and Woody Harrelson is a nominee!  Woody is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work on HBO’s True Detective.  

If you’re a big TV junkie like me, you’ve undoubtedly heard nothing but praise for the crime drama. Woody portrays the character of Detective Martin Eric “Marty” Hart opposite recent Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey.  McConaughey is also nominated in the Lead Actor category and the series nabbed a total of 12 nominations.

The Wrap caught up with Woody to hear his reaction to the nomination:

“It’s flattering to be nominated…but I have to throw my vote to Matthew, who I thought delivered the best performance of his life.  Which is saying something.”

What a gentleman!  Woody has been previously nominated for seven Emmys, all for comedic roles, except for 2012′s political drama Game Change (starring Mockingjay’s Julianne Moore).  He won in 1989 for Cheers.

Congratulations and good luck, Woody!

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards airs Monday, August 25th on NBC.  You can check out the full list of nominees here.

Sources:  Deadline, The Wrap

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The Capitol Claims Technical Difficulties in Updated #Mockingjay Teaser

stand byThe Capitol has made a slight update to the latest Presidential address from Snow…(We’ll call it Mockingjay Teaser 2.1)

Due to overwhelming enthusiasm and support from the citizens of Panem, Capitol TV is experiencing technical difficulties. We require that you watch President Snow’s second Panem Address again now. #OnePanem

But, well we prefer the original…with good reason..

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The Capitol Mandates You to Admire Your President’s Official Portrait

To go along with the latest Capitol TV broadcast, The Capitol requires that you see this photo of President Snow, Peeta, and Johanna.

President Snow's Official Portrait

Absolutely stunning. Almost as much as the newest Mockingjay teaser. If you still haven’t seen it, just click here!


You Are Not Prepared For Snow’s Second Presidential Address


President Snow’s second address to Panem is up, and you are not ready for it. It looks like it’s going to be the same as last time, with the addition of Johanna and some Peacekeepers…but it takes a turn. See for yourself.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Second Presidential Address from President Snow Coming TOMORROW

The Capitol has just informed us that President Snow will be addressing the nation tomorrow in his second presidential address. Stay Tuned to find out what new message of unity he is sure to share.


Are you excited for the second Mockingjay teaser? Let us know what you hope to see in the comments.

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Clash of the Fandoms: Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson Play it Up at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson both attended the Christian Dior Haute Couture show as part of Paris Fashion Week, and their meet up was simply epic.  Check out the photos below.

Jennifer and Emma Hugging

Jennifer Lawrence Emma Watson

Sources:  @JenniferUpdates, Jennifer Lawrence Daily, Zimbio