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Josh Hutcherson Talks Project Imagination, Fame, and What He’ll Miss (And Won’t Miss) After Filming ‘The Hunger Games’


Josh Project Imagination

In a recent interview with ABC News,  Josh talked about life after filming The Hunger Games and his current collaboration with Canon.  Josh discussed his filmmaking contest, Project Imagination: The Trailer, which allows fans to create a trailer and win a chance to have it made into a short film starring Josh.  He is excited about the contest because he gets to “hear and see these stories from people who never otherwise would have a chance to make a film out of their life.”

Josh also talked about how his life has changed since becoming a huge star after taking on the role of our Peeta Mellark. He said that for the most part, “it’s not that bad” dealing with recognition in public – unless he is in an area full of young people. “If I go to a store across from a high school and school gets let out, I’m in trouble.”

When asked about what he will miss most now that filming for The Hunger Games is over, Josh unsurprisingly said he’ll miss not spending time with his costars.

“I’m going to miss just being with everyone that much,” he said. “We are all still close and see each other on a fairly regular basis. When you are filming, it’s 12 plus hours a day for months at a time. It’s kind of sad, because you had such a great time making them, now it’s coming to a close. But also, I think everyone is ready to move on to the next stages of their careers and lives and everything.”

Josh also mentioned the thing he won’t miss: Dying his hair.

“I’m excited to shed the blonde hair!” he said. “That’s the thing that I was like, ‘Get out of here!’ Having to do touch ups all the time and get my hair re-dyed and bleached, was not my thing at all.”

To read more of Josh’s interview, click here.

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RUMOR: #MockingjayPart 2 Teaser to Make Theatrical Debut with ‘Age of Adaline’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

screencap part 2 logoThe dust had barely settled on today’s Mockingjay Part 2 reveals, when news that an actual teaser trailer for the film was on the horizon.

Thanks to Jabberjays.net staffer, Ronnie, we’ve learned that the Remember Logo Reveal for Mockingjay Part 2 is in its own form of a limited run.  Paperwork along with Remember suggests an end to its run on April 24th and the debut of the teaser trailer with Lionsgates’ Age of Adaline that same day.  The notes also indicate a not so unexpected run of the teaser with Avengers: Age of Ultron which hits US theaters on May 1st.

We’re sure Lionsgate will continue its streak of releasing the teaser online first before it’s theatrical debut.  The question becomes do they take the opportunity to release it 2 weeks earlier along with the MTV Movie Awards (4/12) or do they take the more expected route and put it online earlier the week of 4/24, perhaps on Capitol TV or an online media outlet as they did today with EW?  We’ll have to wait for more information to be certain, though personally we’d lean more toward a day closer to the theatrical debut.

Either way we know we could be seeing the teaser in a little more than a month!

NOTE: This is still all unconfirmed by Lionsgate at this point, but the theatrical notes were right about the logo reveal, so we’re thinking there isn’t any real reason not to trust them this time.  But for now try not to get your expectations too high, just in case. ;)

Thanks to Jabberjays.net for the tip!


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First Official Poster for #MockingjayPart2 and Logo Teaser #Remember Revealed

Just as we began speculating if the Logo Reveal would be released before it was leaked online by a tribute, Lionsgate pushed the button for the official reveal via Entertainment Weekly. We get two tasty bites with a look at the first official poster, with the tagline “The Fire Will Burn Forever.” and the Logo Reveal Teaser set to play with Insurgent.

First the awesesome poster!

first poster

And then there’s the teaser, complete with voiceovers as the Mockingjay transforms from one form to another and a new quote from Mockingjay Part 2.

Watch below: (Updated with Youtube Version!)

Quotes you’ll hear

  • “Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games” (Effie, Hunger Games)
  • “I volunteer as tribute” (Katniss, Hunger Games)
  • “They just want a good show. That’s all they want. (Gale, Hunger Games)
  • “Katniss Everdeen, The Girl on Fire” (Caesar, Hunger Games)
  • “You saved us, I know that.” (Peeta, Catching Fire)
  • “Remember who the real enemy is” (Haymitch, Catching Fire)
  • “She has to be elminated.” (President Snow, Catching Fire)
  • Tonight, turn your weapons to the Capitol.” (Katniss, Mockingjay Part 2)

This teaser will be playing in theaters this weekend before Insurgent and we’re betting it will look amazing on the big screen!

All the social media outlets for The Hunger Games are changing their look to a Part 2 theme.
cover photo

What do you think of our first tease at Mockingjay Part 2? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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UK Fans celebrate #MockingjayLive



This Sunday Hunger Games fans from the UK were given a chance to take part in Mockingjay Live, an event hosted by the Hunger Games UK, where fans could partake in a movie marathon of all 3 Hunger Games films whilst also live tweeting along using the hashtag #MockingjayLive.

Another small number of fans were given the chance to attend the Mockingjay Live event at the O2 arena in London, which included a Capitol banquet (with amazing Mockingjay Cupcakes) and prizes, the whole day being hosted by Youtuber Jim Chapman and presenter Alex Zane.
There was even a reaping hosted by Effie but this time the prize were 2 tickets to The premiere of Mockingjay Part 2 rather than a place in The Hunger Games!

The whole day was a great sucess allowing fans to come together and share their favourite memories from throughout the series so far.


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Confirmed: ‘Mockingjay Part 2′ Logo Reveal to Play Before ‘Insurgent’ in Theaters


UPDATE 3/16/15: It has been revealed that the “title” for the teaser is “Remember”  Could this mean we’ll be getting a voiceover or tagline in addition to the logo reveal?  Here’s hoping!

logo reveal Remember

Rumor Confirmation!

Earlier this month, rumors stating that a “teaser trailer” for Mockingjay Part 2 would air before showings of The Divergent Series: Insurgent.  We now have confirmation that the “teaser” will indeed be the logo reveal for Mockingjay Part 2.  

teaser confirmation

From past experience this could be in the form of theatrical release of the motion poster, with the mockingjay breaking free of it’s ring as it did at the end of the Part 1 credits.  Or they could be taking a completely different turn, though we’d be surprised if it shows any actual footage from the film. (We’d love it if we were wrong though ;) ). We’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

The “teaser” is currently encrypted (to prevent leaks) and the “key” for it will not be sent until next Wednesday, so our guess is if Lionsgate doesn’t debut it online before then (which is a possibility), it will certainly make it’s way online via fans soon after it is unlocked.

Are you excited for this first reveal?  Let us know what you hope/expect to see in the comments!

Thanks to Quarter Quell for the tip!

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Josh Hutcherson Talks Friendships, Being Anti Social Media & More With Vanity Fair

Josh 01

Vanity Fair has a great new interview with Josh. Check out some of the highlights below:

Josh on the friendships he’s made throughout filming the Hunger Games series:

“It’s been the most incredible experience making these movies. I’ve made friends that I’m going to have forever. Nothing is as bonding or as close an experience as filming a movie with someone. I’m going to miss that closeness, for sure.”

Josh talks about his new project with Ron Howard, Project Imagination: The Trailer:

Hutcherson, who said Howard’s involvement was a “big draw” in his signing on for the project, says he is game for whatever kind of part he might end up having to play, depending on the winning submission. When I ask what would happen if a trailer about a puppy wins, he jokes, “I can play anything. I’m very versatile.”

We hardly see Josh on social media and he tells why:

“I don’t like to document my life in any way,” he says. “My life of work is documenting, when I’m filming. But when I’m in my own life, I want it to be undocumented . . . I like to live my own life and live in the moment. I think so many times you miss out on the real moments that are happening because you’re trying to capture it to save it for later.”

Josh on getting starstruck by Ethan Hawke:

One person who Hutcherson was very happy approached him, though: Ethan Hawke. At the Oscars last week, Hawke walked over to Hutcherson to say hello, to his great delight. “I’ve admired [Hawke] for so long,” he says. “And he actually introduced himself to me. And I was like, ‘Whaaaat? What are you saying hi to me for?!’ It was really cool.”

You can read the full interview at Vanity Fair

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WATCH: Willow Shields Talks DWTS, Miles Teller, Disney Love, & More!

On the red carpet of Cinderella, Willow Shields chatted with Hollywood Wire about be a fan of any and all Disney movies (ME TOO), being a Miles Teller fangirl, growing closer with Jenn as filming has continued, more info on Dancing With The Stars, and more. Watch below!

She is just the cutest!

Source: Hollywood Wire

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WATCH: Josh Hutcherson Talks “Project Imagination: The Trailer” & More with Popsugar

In a new interview with Popsugar, Josh takes about keeping in touch with his Hunger Games co-stars, his awesome new project with Ron Howard, and more! Check out the video below:

Source: Popsugar

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New BTS Videos From Mockingjay Part 1 (NOT Included on The DVD)

Movies.com, Just Jared, and Nylon Magazine released new BTS videos from Mockingjay Part 1. Non of this footage was released on the DVD so this is a great extra treat for all us fans!

From the Movies.com footage, we find out more about the weaponry used in Mockingjay Part 1. It looks like Finnick’s trident was a little difficult to design, but it turned out fantastic!

Just Jared released footage about how the cast has an unbreakable bond with each other. They are just one big family unit on and off screen!

In the final clip from Nylon, the cast and crew discuss living underground in District 13.

Have you gotten your Mockingjay Part 1 DVD yet? Let us know in the comments!

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“Mockingjay Part 1″ and Cast Nominated for MTV Movie Awards

Movie awardsIt’s that time of year again! MTV has released their nominations for their annual movie awards and Mockingjay Part 1, Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks are among the nominees.

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