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Hack #6 from District13.co.in – All That Remains are the Ashes of 12

Hack #6 is now available on the mobile District13.co.in site.  To complete the hack, follow these instructions:

  • Go to http://m.district13.co.in on your phone or tablet
  • Connect to the site with Facebook or Twitter
  • Open www.thecapitol.pn from your desktop browser and enter the Session ID located in the top right corner and press sync
  • Touch and hold on the fingerprint to open the site on your mobile devices
  • Press Hack 06 on the District 13 site
  • Follow the patterns on the CapitolPN site and trace them on the diagram on your mobile device

Once completed, go to the full website for District13.co.in to see intel on what The Capitol has done to District 12.






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Elizabeth Banks to Produce and Direct ABC Comedy ‘The Greater Good’


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

Elizabeth Banks is already set to make her directorial debut with next year’s Pitch Perfect 2.  But now she has her sights set on television.  According to Deadline, Elizabeth will be producing and directing a TV comedy in collaboration with writer Caroline Williams.

ABC has put in development The Greater Good, a single-camera comedy, which Banks is executive producing and attached to direct in what would be her TV directing gig. Written by Miss Guided creator Caroline Williams, The Greater Good is described as comedic X-Files,a relationship/workplace comedy set in the world of conspiracy theories. The project hails from 20th Century Fox TV and Banks and Handelman’s Brownstone Prods. Williams, Banks and Handelman executive produce.

For more info, click here.

Source:  HG Girl on Fire

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AUDIO: Music from the #Mockingjay Part 1 “Most Anticipated” TV Spot

Haven’t cried enough over the emotional “Most Anticipated” TV spot?  Then take a listen to the full audio track used in the commercial, “Birth of a Soul” by Really Slow Motion and get ready to be sad again!

That thumbnail certainly doesn’t help either.  Poor Peeta! :(

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WATCH: District Voices, Episode 5 – Transporting Our Heroes with District 6

The fifth and final episode of District Voices is here.  District 6 provides transportation needs throughout Panem.  And in this video, YouTuber iJustine shows us the quality and durability of Peacekeeper vehicles.  Check it out below!

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Beautiful Katniss Mosaic on Display at ArcLight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks, CA


If you’re in or around Sherman Oaks, CA, be sure to stop by the ArcLight Cinemas and check out this amazing Katniss mosaic!

Thanks to @EpixHD. Via Jabberjays.net.


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Fandango “Mockingjay Part 1″ Gift Cards Now Available, Fan Art Contest, & THG Marathon Info

Fandango Gift Cards

Just like the previous years, Fandango is offering limited edition Mockingjay Part 1 gift cards. They come in four different designs and there is even an option to add your own photo. Check out all the designs here.

Fandango Fan Art Contest.

Fandango is also running a fan art contest. You have the opportunity to submit your original Mockingjay Part 1 artwork on Tumblr. To enter, be sure to tag it with #FandangoMockingjayContest. Prizes include $1,000 worth of movie tickets and your design featured on a Fandango gift card. For official rules, click here.

THG Marathon

Finally, for all you marathoners out there, we have some info on the Hunger Games Movie Marathon! On Thursday November 20th, at select theaters, you can watch all three Hunger Games movies. Get tickets and find out which theaters are running the marathons on Fandango.com starting on October 29th.

As a reminder, Fandango is running a couple of contests when Mockingjay Part 1 tickets first go on sale. For the first 24 hours on Wednesday October 29th starting at 9am, purchase a Mockingjay Part 1 ticket and receive a free movie download of Catching Fire (terms apply) and get automatically entered to win a trip to the World Premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. From Thursday October 30th to Friday December 12th, purchase a Mockingjay Part 1 ticket and get automatically entered to win a 2015 Mazda 3 4-door.

Who’s excited to purchase MJ Part 1 tickets!? Me, Me! Let us know in the comments if you’ll be purchasing tickets on October 29th.

Thanks to Panem Propaganda for finding all this info :-)

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Francis Lawrence Discusses What We Should Expect In ‘Mockingjay Part 1′


Total Film magazine sat down with Francis Lawrence to talk about filming Mockingjay Part 1 & 2 back-to-back, loosing Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the very anticipated rescue sequence of Peeta. Its great that they we’re able to expand on that part of the book! This December 2014 issue of Total Film is now on UK newsstands.

You shot Parts 1 and 2 of Mockingjay back to back. Presumably you didn’t shoot chronologically?
The efficiency of doing two movies back to back, even though it’s one long story, is that if you have built a set, you shoot the scenes for both movies on that set. But we primarily worked on Part 1 first, for the continuity of the story and also because we have to turn that one over faster. We need the editors to be cracking away at Part 1 and we need to be turning over visual effects while we’re shooting Part 2.

How does Mockingjay differ from the first two THG movies?
Catching Fire ratcheted up from The Hunger Games, and I’d say Mockingjay ratchets up from Catching Fire. We’re getting closer to war. We’re not in the Games anymore. But it’s the same story and heading towards the resolution.

It must be bigger in scale than the first two films, which were primarily set in District 12, where our heroine Katniss Everdeen lives, and the Capitol and the Games stadium.
You get a whole bigger picture. At the end of Catching Fire, Katniss realises that District 13 hasn’t been destroyed, there’s a civilisation living underground. So we spend a fair amount of time in District 13, and we get to spend a lot more time in some of the other districts. We see some of the uprisings there. And finally, in Part 2, we’ll make our way into the actual streets of the Capitol. Part 2 is a war movie, and Part 1 is, in a weird way, a propaganda movie.

Katniss was damaged in Catching Fire. She must be totally screwed-up now!
Yeah, she’s worse [laughs]. Oh yeah. She’s not in good shape! But Jennifer [Lawrence] has a good time with that, and luckily for her, it doesn’t take too much of a toll because she’s able to jump in and out of it. Which is kind of amazing. Some people would have to live it all the time and they’d be miserable to be around for the whole 10-month shoot!

Cynics say splitting the Mockingjay into two films is pure commerce…
I definitely saw there was enough material and how distinct the two stories were. And having also spent time adapting Catching Fire, you realise how much is left on the table. Mockingjay is four hours’ worth of movie. And we have some world expansion, so there are some bonus things which aren’t in the books. Not changes – expansion, which we’ve worked on with Suzanne. She loves that stuff!

Losing Philip Seymour Hoffman must have been such a blow, both personally and for the Mockingjay films. He was great as Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire…
He’s better in these. We had not finished but we were almost done. We had about eight days with him left, but the bulk of his scenes were done. It was tragic, and it threw everyone off for a long time. We didn’t shake the feeling off until we moved to Paris, and then Berlin.

How are you getting around the eight lost days?
We gave a few things to other characters, and we had some footage of him where we can make it feel like he’s in a scene where he’s not.

Finally, can you give us a hint, action-wise, of what to expect in Mockingjay – Part 1?
There’s a lot of action. We get to see more of the uprisings and there’s a rescue sequence that’s very cool – it’s in the book, but we got to expand on it. There’s a lot of cool, fun stuff. But these movies are very emotional too.

Source: Total Film Via Quarter Quell


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New ‘Mockingjay – Part 1′ Still from Entertainment Weekly’s Holiday Preview

ew holiday movie preview

A new still from Mockingjay – Part 1 is in this year’s Entertainment Weekly’s Holiday Movie Preview issue.  The image appears to again be from the District 8 scene with Gale, Katniss, Pollux, and Boggs.  This time, however, we also get a bit of a closer look at Paylor (far left).

There isn’t much new information to accompany the image but there is a small excerpt about Julianne Moore.

Director Francis Lawrence cast Moore as rebel president Alma Coin in next month’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 immediately after she approached him about the part. “Once we knew she wanted it, that was it – done,” Lawrence says. Moore, who was introduced to the book trilogy through her kids, 12 and 16, then worked with Lawrence to develop the character beyond what was in Suzanne Collins’ novel.

The digital issue of Entertainment Weekly is available now, regular issues on stands tomorrow (October 24th).

Source:  Panem Propaganda

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WATCH: District Voices, Episode 4 – A District 9 Paean to Peeta’s Bakery

Episode 4 of District Voices is now available for your viewing pleasure!  Learn to bake like Peeta as Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams share the Mellark Bakery recipe for Apple Goat Cheese Tarts.

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Natalie Dormer Lands Starring Role in Supernatural Thriller ‘The Forest’


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

Natalie Dormer has signed on for a lead role in a new supernatural thriller film titled “The Forest”.  Check out some details about the movie below.

Jason Zada is directing the film from a script rewritten by Sarah Cornwell and Nick Antosca and based on an original idea by David S. Goyer.

The film, set in the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mt. Fuji, centers on a young American woman (Dormer) who goes in search of her missing twin sister. Despite everyone’s warnings to “stay on the path,” Sara enters the forest determined to discover the truth about her sister’s fate, only to be confronted by the angry and tormented souls of the dead who prey on anyone who wanders the forest.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Focus Features acquired the North American distribution rights to the film and plans to release it on January 8, 2016.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter, HG Girl on Fire