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WATCH The Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer!!!

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It’s here!! It’s here!! And oh boy was it worth the wait!  The feels we are feeling!  Tears of joy and tears of sadness, tons of excitement and action.  We are all so geeked right now!  Is it November yet?  Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments!

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Mockingjay Part 1 Confirmed Rating PG-13

katniss 4Today it was made official by the MPAA that Mockingjay Part 1 will be rated PG-13

“for intense sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images and thematic material. “

Source : Jabberjays.net

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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s New Mockingjay Marketing Campaign

We’ve seen a lot of different marketing campaigns for The Hunger Games, and this one is definitely the most unique. In fact, we don’t remember the story from this trailer at all! Check out how Jimmy Kimmel would promote Mockingjay if it were up to him below!

What do you think…would you watch this version of Mockingjay? Let us know in the comments!

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90+ Screenshots from #TheMockingjayLives Trailer

What better way to enjoy the new trailer then by taking a look at it frame by frame? Check out all the screenshots below!


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New Stills from The Hunger Games Exclusive: Issue #2


While you’re recovering from the Mockingjay: Part 1 trailer blowing your mind, check out all of the amazing stills that were released in The Hunger Games Exclusive Issue #2!  We get some amazing glimpses at the action featuring Katniss and Gale, and some beautiful portraits of the new characters Boggs, Castor, Cressida, Pollux, and Messalla.

Thanks to our friends at Quarter Quell.org for the HD images!

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#HungerGamesExclusive: Rebel Warriors

Given that it’s been so long since I’ve read Mockingjay, I found the #HungerGamesExclusive’s feature piece on the Rebel Warriors to be a helpful refresher! If, like me, you’re planning on re-reading the book before November 21st, this might also help you in preparing to dive back into the world of District 13 and get re-aquainted:

Meet Boggs.


Played by House of Cards‘ Mahershala Ali, Boggs becomes Katniss’ protector whilst visiting outlying districts. An original citizen of District 13, Boggs is loyal to President Coin and a genuine force for the rebellion. He’s what we would call a secret serviceman today – his experience, knowledge, and constant readiness for battle are all skills Ali refers to when describing his training. Francis Lawrence alludes to his ‘father-figure’ type portrayal of Boggs as the actor’s most valuable contribution; he brings “warmth and soul” to the character.

“They’re all rookies – with the spirit of soldiers.” -Ali

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Katniss takes aim, an interview with Jennifer Lawrence from HungerGamesExclusive

Embedded image permalink A new addition of the HungerGamesExclusive has been released with lots of amazing interviews ,especially this one with Jennifer Lawrence . Jennifer talks about playing Katniss , the new character dynamics, what its like on set, being away from Josh, new cast members and what she is taking from the set.

 Source: HungerGamesExclusive

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New Alliances! Hunger Games Exclusive Article



One of the many amazing surprises we recieved today was an exclusive interview with Liam Hemsworth and Natalie Dormer!

The page opens with a description of the cast filming in Paris and a few quotes from Natalie and Liam.

Dormer popped into his trailer to fetch a few utensils “We are just talking about how we beat you up on your first day of set. It’s the new cast initiation” said Hemsworth with a straight face, as he passed her a fork and spoon. Dormer smirked and replied, “That’s right. Liam may have a charming smile, but he’s so mean”

Futher down the page is an interview with Liam. Below are a few fragments from both interviews.



Great. in the first two films, it’s all about Gale being restrained and feeling helpless. He couldn’t get in there and support Katniss during the games, which was frustrating. It’s nice to be able to stand up and do something about all this unrest that’s happening in Panem.


Yes. There’s so much action and the sets are really incredible. You get to see more of Panem and these cool districts that weren’t in the first two movies.


When we go to district 8, we come in on the hovercraft and the side of a hospital building is on fire. Real fire, not visual effects. It was giving off a lot of heat and we were probably 40 or 50 feet away from the actual flames. As an actor, it helps to feel the heat on your face.



Cressida is really interesting because she comes from the capitol. She’s made the conscious decision to go underground to district 13 and join the revolution. Cressida is incredibly talented and gifted at what she does as a female filmmaker.


They cross so many themes. There’s the personal love story and conflict in Katniss between Gale and Peeta. And obviously, there are these big political themes. Then, you have these fantastic action sequences where people have to make really tough decisions about self-sacrifice or identity. It doesn’t matter where you come from- this is human DNA at its most basic level.


What the Mockingjay stands for because it shows that people can find a way to galvanise human hope and fight repression.

Be sure to read the full interviews with Liam and Natalie at thehungergamesexclusive.com and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Josh Hutcherson Reveals the Memento He Took from the Set of ‘The Hunger Games’ His Thoughts on ‘Mockingjay’ & More

josh interview 92.5In a recent interview with KISS 92.5, Josh Hutcherson spoke about his reaction to the photo scandal that sadly affected co-star Jennifer Lawrence, as well as his thoughts on Mockingjay (he’s seen it!) and what trinket he stole from set!

You can hear Josh comment on the photo hack here:

Josh had a lot to say on the photo scandal:

“These are crimes,” he said of the massive hack. “These are absolutely crimes against human rights.”

“The fact that people react the way they do and look at that,” said Hutcherson, “It’s so unbelievably embarrassing to have somebody look into your private life,” he said. “It’s really disheartening to see that this is where the world of entertainment has gone and it’s gone that way because of greed and media and people feeling like they deserve something and have a right to something that they absolutely do not.”

On his reaction to Mockingjay Part 1

 “I loved it. I’m so proud of it. I’m so glad that they split it into two movies because there’s so much that happens in that third book that if you tried to squeeze it into one two hour movie you would have lost so much,”

“It’s really dark, it’s really intense and the way you see how these characters try to recover and then build up a counterstrike against what they’ve experienced is really intense,” he said. “You’re absolutely going to love it.”

On wrapping the franchise:

“We’ve gone through some big changes together, just personally and professionally, that it’s hard to know that you’re not going to be 12 hours every day for months at a time with them,” said Hutcherson. “We’re still close, we’re still friends, we talk all the time — but it’s not the same so I’m definitely going to miss it.”

Josh also revealed the one prop he “borrowed” from set:

“I actually took the pendant that I gave Katniss — the one that opens and has the picture of her family, from that scene on the beach. I took that. It’s my one memento,” he confessed.

“It’s in my house in my desk drawer. I’m going to try to purposefully lose it — but in a way that I know I will find it in the future.”

Source KISS 92.5 / Panem Propaganda

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WATCH: “Tomorrow” Teaser Clip for the Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer

The Hunger Games’ social media team has been teasing Monday’s (September 15th)  theatrical trailer since it was announced last week.  First they gave us a chilling clip of Katniss finding the rose from Snow.  Now with the big reveal tomorrow, a second teaser clip featuring (presumably) Katniss and Gale fighting in District 8 has just been released on Instagram.

The anticipation is killing me!  How excited are you guys for the trailer?!