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WATCH: Jeffrey Wright and Mockingjay Cast Want to ‘Crush Ebola Now’


You might remember Jeffrey Wright hinting something about a “pirate hack” that got the Hunger Games fandom very, very curious. Would this have something to do with a Mockingjay annoucement? There has been much speculation…until today. Jeffrey Wright recently tweeted a video featuring the cast of Mockingjay spreading awareness about Ebola and how we can “Crush […]

Francis Lawrence’s Entertainment Weekly Piece to Philip Seymour Hoffman

It has become clear that the cast and crew of The Hunger Games movies have become extremely close, to the point where many consider them a family. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing was a huge hit to the family, and Francis Lawrence recently wrote a piece for Entertainment Weekly describing his time working with the legendary […]

Francis Lawrence Hints at ‘Hunger Games’ Movies After ‘Mockingjay’

When it came to the split of Mockingjay into two movies, many compared it to the Harry Potter franchise, which possibly made the “final movie split” concept popular. However, Harry Potter had seven books to turn into eight films to stretch out over many years. So compared to The Hunger Games trilogy, fans of Katniss and Panem only have […]

New Mockingjay Part 1 Stills: Katniss, Coin, Cressida, Castor & the Peacekeepers

Check out this FANTASTIC new Mockingjay Part 1 stills that have hit the web! Which is your favorite? Tells us in the comments!

Official Lyrics to “Yellow Flicker Beat” Released

After all the teasing of lyrics and release of the video, Lorde has posted the full lyrics to Yellow Flicker Beat on her website. For those of you who’ve been transcribing from the video, this should make things much easier! View the lyrics below: i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm and the scars […]

LOOK: Willow Shields Posts New Still of Prim

Most of the stills we’ve been getting have been from the official Hunger Games accounts, but this new one of Prim comes directly from Willow Shields. Check out the image which was recently posted on her Instagram.

New #Mockingjay Still Features Effie

Today, we saw new stills of Haymitch and saluting the Mockingjay. And now, The Hunger Games official Instagram has given us yet another still: Effie Trinket! @ElizabethBanks shows you the woman behind the couture as #EffieTrinket in @TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1. Well, she certainly looks sad in this still. Is she being mistreated in district […]

District 8 Hospital Salutes Katniss in New Still

It’s only been about an hour since we got our last still, but now we have yet another, and this one is quite the sight to see! Now, The Hunger Games Instagram has posted an image in the District 8 hospital, and it’s well worth the three finger solute! The citizens of District 8 stand […]

New #Mockingjay Still: Haymitch Abernathy!

The Hunger Games official Instagram is back with yet another new still from the upcoming Mockingjay film! And this time, it’s a character we’ve known from the very beginning. Katniss and Peeta’s two time Games mentor, Haymitch Abernathy! Woody Harrelson takes a stand against the Capitol as #HaymitchAbernathy in @TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1. Hmm… Haymitch […]

Our First Look at Messalla in #Mockingjay

Well, today is just full of Mockingjay stills! We already got Plutarch and Gale today, and now the official Hunger Games Instagram has graced us with another! Now, we get a look at a character making his Hunger Games debut in this film: Messalla. Nothing stops #Messalla from getting the shot. Evan Ross (@eross88) joins […]