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WATCH: Sam Claflin Accepts Glamour Magazine’s Man of the Year Award


Sam Man of the year

Last night, Sam Claflin was honored with the Man of the Year award from Glamour Magazine.  His Mockingjay co-star Natalie Dormer was on hand to present Sam with this prestigious honor.  You can check out video below of the event, Natalie and Sam appear at the 3:21 mark…and uhh watch our Finnick closely as he takes the stage.  We’re sure that moment will have you smiling wide. ;)


Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin React to ‘The Hunger Games’ Three Finger Salute Being Used in Thailand Protests

Sam and NatalieAt last night’s Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards, Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin were asked for their reaction to the Protesters in Thailand adopting The Hunger Games Three Finger Salute to show their displeasure with the military government in the country.

Natalie and Sam are at the 1:15 mark.

Thanks Sophie for the tip! :)

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Hunger Games Three Finger Salute Being Used in Thailand Protests (UPDATED)

Thailand ProtestorsA simple moment from the page and screen can evoke so much meaning.  Once used in District 12 to show admiration, to say thank you and to say goodbye to a loved one, the three finger salute soon became the symbol for rebellion in the Districts during the uprising.  Now, not only in Panem’s Districts does the three finger salute fight oppression, but also in Thailand after a military coup and martial law were declared, the salute is now being used by protesters.

At anti coup rallies people have been seen using the salute, as well as in protest flash mobs organised on social media.

“They materialize suddenly, by the dozens, raising a three-finger salute toward the sky,” the Global Post says describing the demonstrators. “Then they vanish as quickly as they appear, melting into crowds to evade scores of armed troops and police.”A protester against military rule gestures during a brief demonstration outside a shopping mall in Bangkok


The protesters said on Sunday for them the salute means liberty, brotherhood and equality.  

Pretty powerful show of unity! We think Katniss would be proud. :)

UPDATED: 6/3/14, 9:41 pm ET

In a move consistent with the Capitol, Thailand’s Military Rulers have now in essence band the use of the 3 finger salute.

“At this point we are monitoring the movement,” said Colonel Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak, a spokesman for the ruling junta. “If it is an obvious form of resistance, then we have to control it so it doesn’t cause any disorder in the country.”

“We know it comes from the movie, and let’s say it represents resistance against the authorities,” Weerachon said, noting that if authorities encounter the salute they will first ask protesters to stop.

“If a single individual raises three fingers in the air, we are not going to arrest him or her,” he told the Associated Press. “But if it is a political gathering of five people or more, then we will have to take some action.”

“If it persists, then we will have to make an arrest,” he said.

This hasn’t stopped the protesters by any means..

“Raising three fingers has become a symbol in calling for fundamental political rights,” wrote Sombat, a member of the “Red Shirt” protest movement that had backed the now-ousted government and warned it would take action if there was a coup. He called on people to raise “3 fingers, 3 times a day” in public places where there is no police or military presence.

“Let’s escalate the anti-coup movement three times a day together,” he said, stipulating that protesters should raise their right arm and stay still for 30 seconds.

I can’t help but wonder what Suzanne Collins thinks about how her symbol of both thanks and defiance has taken on a life of it’s own in the real world.  Life is truly imitating art.


Sources: The Guardian, The Global Post, Quartz  Update source: The Guardian (Thanks to Ronnie for the tip!)

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Gwendoline Christie (Lyme) Has Joined the Cast of ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

Gwendoline Christie (Lyme)Gwendoline Christie is adding another franchise film to her resume. It has just been announced that Gwendoline, who plays Commander Lyme in Mockingjay, has now joined the cast of Star Wars Episode VII! No information is available at this time for what role she will be taking on, but we’ll keep a close eye on it and report back.

Also joining Gwendoline in a galaxy far, far away will be Oscar winning Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong’o.

How exciting is it to see so many fandoms converging on one film?!

Source: The Wire

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Josh Hutcherson Named one of GQ’s Best-Dressed Men at Cannes

The cast of Mockingjay made many appearances at the recent Cannes Film Festival, leaving us with photographs of their Capitol-themed party and videos from various events. After Cannes concluded, GQ went back and named their top ten best-dressed men and women of the festival, and our very own Peeta Mellark made the list!

Josh Hutcherson is in fashionable company, ranking among Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum! Josh comes in at number five, which puts him as the highest-ranking American on the list! (1, 2, and 4 are Canadian; 3 is Italian.)

Congratulations to Josh– you’re making Effie proud!


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Willow Shields Attends Hollywood “Maleficent” Premiere

Just as her fictional counterpart, it seems like Willow Shields has sprouted up overnight! She attended the May 28th premiere of Disney’s newest release, “Maleficent.” Check out the pictures, and the full gallery below! We’re excited to see Willow’s role as Prim growing as she does.





Thanks to Zimbio for the pictures!

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Check Out this Hunger Games Wedding Photo Shoot!

A Florida-based wedding planner named David Lilly made the dreams of Hunger Games fans everywhere come true when he designed and shot a Hunger Games wedding. Though it was only a photo shoot and not an actual wedding, the attention to detail and adherence to the theme is amazing!

The wedding shoot was clearly inspired by Catching Fire– the novel itself makes an appearance as the guestbook! There are touches of the books everywhere, from the faux Nightlock to the selection of flaming foods on the menu. The bride evokes the image of the Girl on Fire, while the groom’s outfit is reminiscent of what Peeta wore to his first interview.

With everything from the cake to the centerpiece on-point, the only question is: why didn’t someone do this sooner?

Check out the rest of the stunning photos in the gallery below.




WATCH: Fan Made ‘Mockingjay’ Trailer Will “Blow You Away”

Since Lionsgate is currently keeping us in the dark regarding the first trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, we must rely on fan made trailers to get us through until the real deal arrives.  Lucky for us the tributes in this fandom are incredibly talented.  Check out the trailer below made by Canale di LAgirl92, we think it will definitely wow you!

Thanks to HgGirlonFire for the tip!

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Video: Jeffrey Wright Talks ‘Mockingjay’ with the LA Times


Earlier this week, Jeffrey Wright  spoke to the LA Times during a Livestream from the Mockingjay set in Berlin.  Most of the conversation centered around Boardwalk Empire, but thankfully they couldn’t speak to our Beetee without getting in a few questions about his work on The Hunger Games films.

Jeffrey confirms that filming on Mockingjay: Part 2 will be ending in June and that he has indeed wrapped his work on Part 1.  He goes on to talk about how unaware he was when he was asked to be in Catching Fire just how big the scope of this project really was and the fanbase that was behind it.  He also points out that people have a much more personal relationship with this material than any other project he has ever done.  Jeffrey then goes on to answer fan questions from twitter about his character, the world of Panem and more.

You can check out the interview below.  If you want to skip ahead to The Hunger Games discussion it begins at 13:43.

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‘The Hunger Games’ & ‘Catching Fire’ Named to Empire Magazines 301 Greatest Movies of All Time

Empire Magazine recently polled their readership to come up with a list of the top 301 movies of all time.  Fans turned out by the hundreds of thousands to vote and it was no surprise to any of us tributes that both The Hunger Games  and Catching Fire made the list.

[We'll have to forgive them for the typo on The Hunger Games release date.  Not quite sure what happened there. ;) ]

Hunger Games Catching Fire Empire

Are you surprised by the rankings of the two films in the listing?  What about the fact that The Hunger Games was voted higher than Catching Fire?  Do you feel it should have been the other way around?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can check out the other 299 films that made the list at Empire Magazine.