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Movie Review: Escobar: Paradise Lost (Starring Josh Hutcherson)




Josh Hutcherson’s new film Escobar: Paradise Lost releases in theaters in the United States on Friday, June 26th. Our very own Peeta not only stars in the film alongside Benicio del Toro, but the two of them are also executive producers of the movie.

The movie follows Nick and his brother as they move to Colombia to live on the beach. Nick meets and falls in love with a girl named Maria — who happens to be related to Pablo Escobar. If you’re thinking that Maria’s family’s lifestyle may cause some trouble for Nick, you’d be correct. If that last statement means nothing to you because you don’t know who Pablo Escobar is, don’t feel bad — I didn’t either.

(Crash course from Biography.com: Pablo Escobar, born December 1, 1949, in Antioquia, Colombia, entered the cocaine trade in the early 1970s. He collaborated with other criminals to form the Medellin Cartel and eventually controlled over 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. He earned popularity by sponsoring charity projects and soccer clubs, but later terror campaigns turned public opinion against him. He was killed in 1993.)

Thanks to the Weinstein Company, I was able to view the movie early. What an intense two hours! The first part of the movie sets up the relationship between Nick and Maria, and introduces Pablo and the family. We are shown his humanity: he is the life of the family party and crowds in the community cheer him for giving back to them. But in the second half, we are are slowly introduced to his ruthlessness. The killings ramp up and no one is safe: not even Nick.

I think fans of The Hunger Games movies will really enjoy seeing Josh in this role.

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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals New #MockingjayPart2 Trailer at CineEurope

Unite 43According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate had a real prize to share with international distributors on the last day of the CineEurope trade show.  The audience on hand got a sneak peek of an image of Katniss in a new red outfit from Mockingjay Part 2, but even more exciting they were also treated to “footage from the film, plus the never-before seen trailer due out in a month!” Continue Reading »

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More New Photos and Quotes Released from ‘Tim Palen: Photos From The Hunger Games’


As the release date for Tim Palen’s Photos from The Hunger Games gets closer, more photos and snippets from the book are surfacing online. This time via W Magazine and People Magazine. We also get behind the scenes insight from Tim Palen and some of the cast about what went into their character portraits. Continue Reading »

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PHOTOS: Josh Hutcherson Attends Premiere for ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost’


Josh Hutcherson attended the premiere of his recent film, “Escobar: Paradise Lost”, on June 22nd in Hollywood, California. Josh stars in the film and also served as an executive producer. Check out the pictures of Josh and the cast from the premiere below! Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Josh Hutcherson Interviewed on CONAN


Josh Hutcherson was on CONAN last week to promote his film Escobar: Paradise Lost. Watch the clips below or visit TeamCoco.com for the full episode (though it looks like the video is having some trouble playing). Continue Reading »

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LOOK: New Images from ‘Tim Palen: Photographs from The Hunger Games’


Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen is getting ready to drop his new book of photographs from the Hunger Games films.  As the release date nears, we are beginning to learn more about what kinds of photos will be included in the collection.  Several artistic images such as Capitol imagery and propaganda used in the Mockingjay: Part 1 campaign will be featured, along with character images and behind-the-scenes captures.

The book won’t be available for a few more weeks but today, US Weekly shared two exclusive images from the upcoming release.

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Official TheHungerGames.Movie Website Launches

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.22.54 PM

A new website, TheHungerGames.movie, went live recently alongside the release of the Mockingjay Part 2 teaser trailer! Continue Reading »

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#MockingjayPart2 Promo Billboards are Uniting the World

Full listing via MTV

Tributes around the globe are being asked to Unite with District 13 and the Mockingjay.  “In World” promo posters (billboards) have been popping up in select cities around the world, each showcasing the three fingered salute and the slogan “Unite D13 The Revolution is about All of Us.”

Check out photos and video of the posters below: Continue Reading »


First Look at Katniss’ Costumes at The Hunger Games Exhibition

The Hunger Games Exhibition opens in just a few short weeks, and thanks to MTV we are getting our first look at Katniss’ iconic costumes that will be on display.

Katniss costumes Exhibition

… a progression showing Katniss’ evolution from District 12 hunter to Panem icon to freedom fighter with: Katniss’ hunting clothes, worn in “The Hunger Games;” her “Catching Fire” wedding dress; and finally her jet-black armor from “Mockingjay” parts 1 and 2.

The Exhibition begins its journey at Discovery Times Square in New York City on July 1st. It will remain there until January 3, 2016, and then is expected to head out on a worldwide tour. You can learn more and purchase tickets to attend the Exhibition here.

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Josh Hutcherson on Conan June 18

Peeta still

Our one and only Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) will be a guest on Conan next Thursday, June 18. We at DWTC think it may be a little early to expect the interview to be a part of Mockingjay Pt 2 promotion, though the information from the site talks about Peeta.

Josh Hutcherson says goodbye to Peeta in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2″. So long, Peeta! We’ll always remember your kind heart, and also all the terrible murders of your friends.

UPDATE 6/18/15, 4:46 pm ET: The promo for the show has been updated and indicates Josh will be talking about his upcoming release “Escobar: Paradise Lost.” Rather than saying “goodbye” to Peeta.

If this is an accurate description, it looks like actor promotion is already beginning! I guess we will have to watch the find out for sure!

The episode will be Thursday night, 11 ET.

Will you be watching? Do you think it’s about Mockingjay Pt 2? Let us know what you think in the comments!