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WATCH: Liam Hemsworth Talks About Causing Jen to Fall, His Dogs and Working with Muppets on Late Night with Seth Meyers


Screenshot (187)Last night Liam Hemsworth sat down on Late Night with Seth Meyers to help promote Mockingjay Part 2. The topic inevitable goes to Jen’s clutzy nature and how he accidentally attributed to that. He also talks about his dogs, working with Muppets and more.

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WATCH: Liam Talks Sleeping Habits, His New Puppy and Saying Goodbye on LIVE with Kelly & Michael

Liam pjsYesterday Liam Hemsworth stopped by PJ day on LIVE with Kelly & Michael to help promote Mockingjay Part 2. During his visit he talked about what he likes to sleep in, his new adopted dog, visiting Switzerland, the final film, saying goodbye and his unhealthy relationship with Josh and Jen. Check out the video below.

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Jennifer Lawrence Talks Embarassing Moments and Wants You to Dance With Her

come danceJennifer Lawrence’s promotional trail for Mockingjay Part 2 took her to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.  In probably one of our all time favorite interviews Jennifer talks about her most embarrasing moments and then takes part in a skit with Jimmy asking you to “Come Dance” with them.  Check it out below.


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WATCH: Josh Hutcherson Promotes #MockingjayPart2 on LIVE With Kelly & Michael

Screenshot (186)This morning Josh Hutcherson stopped by the studios of LIVE with Kelly & Michael to chat all things Mockingjay.   He also talked about throwing impromtu parties, his party after the LA Premiere, Woody Harrelson, playing hijacked Peeta and more.

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LOOK: Photos and Videos from the NYC Special Screening of #MockingjayPart2 — The Final Premiere

Cast 02Last night the cast and crew of The Hunger Games got together for their final premiere for Mockingjay Part 2. Not only was this the final group promotional stop for the film, it is the final for the franchise as well.  (Who’s ready to cry…we’ve got tissues…) Take a look at all of the red carpet action in the photos and videos below.

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Jennifer Josh and Liam discuss their friendship with AP

Jennifer, Josh and Liam

Everyone knows that throughout the series Jennifer, Josh and Liam have had an amazing friendship both on and off-set. AP caught up with the trio ahead of the release of Mockingjay Part 2 to discuss what their friendship has been like throughout the series.

AP: How long was it before you realized you were friends, not just co-workers?

Lawrence: Our first phone call.

Hutcherson: Yep, before we met.

Lawrence (to Hemsworth): When did you and I meet? We met at the barbecue.

Hemsworth: We met at the barbecue, yeah.

Hutcherson: Which barbecue?

AP: How well do you know Atlanta after shooting there for so long?

Lawrence: I’m still shooting in Atlanta. I live in Atlanta.

Hutcherson: I really love Atlanta. It’s got great restaurants. It’s got really fun clubs to go to. It’s nice weather. They’ve got good parks.

Lawrence: We had each other. We all lived in the same neighborhood. Now I’m in Atlanta. It was so sad because I was renting a house to do another movie out there, and it’s my first movie without them in Atlanta. So my assistant was asking me about a house, and I said Just ask Josh and Liam where — oh, God. Now I’m in my same neighborhood without my boys.

AP: Is it common to form such close friendships with your co-stars?

Lawrence: Not really. Because you can meet people and they’re fine co-stars, really great to work with, and that’s all you hope for. You don’t go into anything hoping you meet your two best friends.

Hutcherson: If you did, you’d be sadly disappointed.

Lawrence: So I don’t have any complaints with anybody I’ve ever worked with before, but like a friendship is just a very different chemistry that we just all happen to really have.

Hemsworth: It just clicked. It just works.

Lawrence: There’s never been any drama ever.

Hemsworth: We’ve been through some stuff, as the three of us.

Lawrence: Yes, we have. But no fights. I mean, Josh and I fight when we get grumpy. Arguments.

Hutcherson: We bicker, like old people.

AP: So this was really lucky, then, to work together for so long.

Hutcherson: And just to go through this whole experience with the two of them — that in itself is a bonding factor, and on top of that have it be a bonding factor with people who you really love, it’s really great. And also to have each other to experience this with, because it’s such a big change and it’s pretty intense sometimes. Like we have moments — before we have a premiere or after the red carpet or whatever, in the back kitchen of the hotel — and we all three huddle around like a group hug, just (sigh). It’s revitalizing.

AP: Do you hang out in real life?

Lawrence: Yeah, we do. If we’re all in the same city, we definitely always hang out. We went to New York.

Hemsworth: Yeah, we all met in New York when you were there. We came and flew out.

Lawrence: That was sweet.

Hemsworth: We hadn’t seen each other for a while. We had a fun little weekend. Whenever we can and it’s possible to get a little time together, we’ll make the effort.

Lawrence: If we’re in LA, we go to Liam’s place because it’s in Malibu and it’s wonderful. I almost came over to charge my phone one time.

Hemsworth: Yeah, absolutely. Anytime. I’ve got outlets.

Source: bigstory.ap.org

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WATCH: Sam Claflin talks Finnick’s twitter bio, the funniest thing Jennifer has said to him and “Fatniss” with Sugarscape

Sugarscape caught up with Sam Claflin this week ahead of the release of Mockingjay Part 2. He spoke of what he thinks Finnick’s twitter bio would consist of, the funniest thing Jennifer has said to him and shipping “Fatniss”.

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LOOK: 2 New Mockingjay Part 2 stills

We are drawing very close to the official release of Mockingjay part 2 and today saw the release of 2 new stills one of Katniss and the other of President Coin.


President Coin

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WATCH: Jennifer, Josh, Liam, Donald and Francis on GMA

Screenshot (184)This morning several members of the cast and Director Francis Lawrence stopped by Good Morning America to chat about the film. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Donald Sutherland joined Francis for a short, but fun filled discussion which included inside jokes, the LA premiere, friendships and more. You can check it out as well as some behind the scenes footage below. Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Julianne Moore Talks about being a “Ginger Icon” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Screenshot (182)Julianne Moore stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to promote Mockingjay Part 2.  Only one clip is available at this time, where Julianne talks about being a “Ginger Icon”

We’ll update if more clips become available. But in the meantime you can watch the full show for a limited time here.