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LISTEN & WATCH: Josh Hutcherson and His Wildcat Love

Josh Hutcherson wildcatThough March Madness has concluded, with a UConn victory, we know of one HUGE Kentucky fan that was standing by his team up until the last buzzer rang on Monday.  Josh Hutcherson spoke with Kentucky Sports Radio last week about his love for the Wildcats, his time on the court with the team, and his trash talking with Jen and HER Dad who are Louisville fans.

Then there is this fabulous quick video Josh posted on twitter of him celebrating Kentucky’s last second win over Wisconsin that put them in the championship game.

Yes, we are a bit behind in posting these, but when it comes to listening/watching to Josh, nothing is ever too late, right? ;)


Say What? Shailene Woodley Proclaims Tris & Four Winners in a Mock Battle with Katniss & Peeta

katniss peeta tris fourShailene say what?

In a recent interview with Yahoo UK, Shailene Woodley and Theo James were asked who would win in a battle between their characters of Tris and Four in Divergent and Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games.  As one would expect they both stand behind their own characters and proclaim they would win “hands down” in that showdown.

But not so fast Shailene, Tris and Four may have that military training, but Katniss can shoot animals in the eye with her bow & arrow skills, has surivived two bouts in the Hunger Games AND went through her own Military training in Mockingjay.  We don’t think we’re biased in saying she has the upper edge.  Now Peeta, well he has certainly held his own in the arena, and even though we’d admit he’s more of a lover not a fighter, he definitely has the skills and ability to handle himself in a battle with the Dauntless Duo.  ;)

It’s all in fun of course…but hey we’ll stick behind our favorite Victors :)


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Sam Claflin Says Finnick is in a “Distressing Place” at the Beginning of ‘Mockingjay’

Sam ClaflinDuring the premiere for Sam Claflin’s latest film, The Quiet Ones, the press took the opportunity to ask him about Finnick and filming on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

In this first interview with Flicks and the City, (the Mockingjay discussion begins around the 3:12 mark), Sam accidentally calls Annie Finnick’s wife in reference to Catching Fire (whoops…LOL), and says that he is in a very “distressing place” at the beginning of Mockingjay.  He goes on to mention the “hellish journey” all the characters go on and then discusses filming, saying he’s “looking forward to being closer to home…” in regards to production shifting to Paris and Berlin.

In this next interview with Red Carpet News Flash, Sam discusses how the filmmakers are hitting the mark so close to how he imagines the scenes would be.  He also goes on to call Finnick “powerless” at the beginning of the film, something he’s never felt before.

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Elizabeth Banks Calls Effie’s Butterfly Dress “A Piece of Art”

Effie's butterfly dressOne of the most memorable scenes in Catching Fire was of course the reaping scene for the Quarter Quell.  The event itself was gut wrenching, and the performances sold the moment, but one other bit made the scene stand out, Effie’s beautiful butterfly dress.  In a recent interview with In Style, Elizabeth Banks spoke about what it was like working in an outfit she classifies as “…a piece of art.”

I will never forget my day in that dress. It had structured hips, a high neck, had three-dimensional butterflies all over it, and there were actual butterflies flying around — it was incredible!… I wasn’t allowed to walk, sit, eat, or do anything in that dress other than stand.” Moving around presented some issues, but the costume designers dressed the star in a spandex bodysuit to wear underneath the dress so she could get into it just before filming the scene to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. “It went on dead-last in front of a crowd of about 300 background actors. They all got to see a show of Elizabeth Banks standing around in a weird spandex bodysuit, which I wore underneath the dress so I could get in and out modestly in front of a lot of people,” she adds.

Catching Fire costume designer, Trish Summerville certainly went above and beyond with that look.  I think we can safely say it will remain one of Effie’s most memorable moments.

Source: InStyle


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Exclusive X-men Clip Featuring Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique to Debut at the MTV Movie Awards — Check out the Tease!

_DSC3272.NEFThe MTV Movie Awards are known for showcasing exclusive clips for upcoming films and this year is no exception.  This year the show will be premiering one from X-men: Days of Future Past featuring none other than our own Jennifer Lawrence in all her  blue skinned beauty as Mystique.  Check out a short tease, of the tease below.

Don’t mess with Mysitique!

Remember the MTV Movie Awards will air this Sunday, April 13th at 9 pm.



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Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin Scheduled to Attend MTV Movie Awards this Sunday.

Sam and JoshThis Sunday marks the return of the MTV Movie Awards and the Catching Fire cast will be well represented as it has been announced that both Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin will be in attendance. The film and cast are up for several awards (refresh your memory here), lets hope Josh and Sam can collect a lot of golden popcorn!

The MTV Movie Awards will air this Sunday, April 13th at 9pm.  Host Conan O’Brien is extremely excited about Josh being at the awards.  Check out his plans in the video below.

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‘Mockingjay’ Returns to the Swan House for Filming — Looks to Wrap in Atlanta Later this Month

Swan HouseLast Week the cast and crew working on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1/Part 2, spent time filming at the OFS Plant in Norcross, GA, and now are heading back to a well known location from Catching Fire, The Swan House.  

Used to portray President Snow’s mansion in the films, The Swan House, will play a vital role in the final films.  Crews were hard at work prepping the location for shooting that was due to begin this week.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution got a close up glimpse at some of the work being done and spoke with Jeffery Ellis who was instrumental in their efforts.

“Catching Fire” filmed in areas including the dining room, an outside courtyard and an upstairs room in scenes featuringDonald Sutherland’s character, President Snow, along with lead Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen, and others.

This time, workers are prepping a downstairs room to serve as Snow’s quarters. The room, normally stately and sort of subdued, has been rendered positively resplendent by Jeffery Ellis and his team at Atlanta Creative Studios.

“We’ve been busting it,” he said, and by that he means working long and hard hours. Initially, he thought workers could spray-paint the ceiling and do the detail work by hand. But the Swan House and spray paint have nothing in common. All the work must be done by hand, to protect the interior of the home, on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center.

… as Ellis’ team works inside, a crew outside is prepping some of the exterior areas. The outside of the Swan House was featured extensively in “Catching Fire” party scenes, but Ellis wasn’t able to say exactly what will be going on this time. He did salute everyone at the Swan House.

“All the people here are great,” he said.

On Location Vacations (OLV) is reporting that The Swan House is scheduled to be closed from April 6th-20th, but filming in Atlanta is set to finish around the 18th.

Photo Source: Jennifer Brett, [email protected]

Story Source: OLV, Atlanta Journal Constitution

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‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Ends Its Domestic Run, Finishing 10th at the All Time Box Office

Catching Fire PosterLast Week, Catching Fire ended it’s long run at the domestic box office.  The film took its final bow on Thursday, April 3rd finishing with an astonishing domestic total of 424.7 million, which lands it as the 10th highest grossing film of all time.  The film spent 133 days in theaters (19 weeks) and was the top film of 2013.  Catching Fire also scored 439.9 million overseas, giving it a grand total of 864.5 million.

In contrast, The Hunger Games spent 168 days (24 weeks) in theaters, ending with a domestic total of 408 million, ranking it 15th all time.  The foreign markets weren’t as fruitful for the first film in the series, earning it only 283.2 million, giving it a total of 691.2 million.

And now we wait the long few months til Mockingjay: Part 1 hits theaters in November! How do your predict it will fair at the box office?  Let us know in the comments. :)

Source: Box Office Mojo: Catching Fire, Box Office Mojo: The Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence Looks Gorgeous as a Bridesmaid in Her Brother’s Wedding!


I’m pretty sure us girls (maybe some dudes too) would die to have Jennifer Lawrence in our weddings. Jennifer along with the other bridesmaids and the beautiful bride were featured in Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings special issue.

One a side note, since this woman had ELEVEN bridesmaids for her wedding, I guess I don’t feel bad about having 7-8 in mine.

tumblr_n3mdnaV5XS1qzur4vo2_1280 tumblr_n3mdnaV5XS1qzur4vo3_1280


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New Featurette & Promo Images of Jennifer Lawrence in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’


Check out these new promotional images and featurette of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past. I so can’t wait to see this movie!