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VIDEO: Replay of Jena Malone & Lem Jay Ignacio’s ‘The Shoe’ Google Hangout


Jena Malone and Lem Jay Ignacio of The Shoe hosted a Google Hangout earlier today. They chatted for over an hour with their fans about themselves, their music, and upcoming projects. Our friends over at Jabberjays.net were able to ask and get an answer to a great Mockingjay related question as well!

Question: “Have you two thought about doing a song for either of the Mockingjay movie soundtracks? (not sure how getting on a soundtrack works)”

Answer (from Jena): “I have thought about it and I actually would love to, so I’ve actually talked to them. I’m like, “So you guys… what do you think about…?” No, but I love what they do. I think that the Catching Fire soundtrack was so beautiful and that score was just so unique. I think any band or artist would be interested to work with them because it’s such a haunting, beautiful story to get to add songs to. It could be fun!”

Source: Jabberjays.net


Confirmed! President Snow’s Panem Address Showing Before ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’

In case you missed it, Lionsgate confirmed via their Twitter earlier today that the Mockingjay Part 1 Teaser will be airing before showings of Transformers: Age of Extinction in theaters.

If you happen to catch it on the big screen, please come back and comment to let us know how it looked and what the crowd’s reaction to it was.  We’re eager to hear how it plays for a broad audience. :)

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TheCapitol.PN Adds “Capitol Concerns” Feature + Changes to Social Media and New Photo

A few changes have recently emerged on the TheCapitol.PN including a new photo on the homepage of Peeta and President Snow looking like snowy white statues!


Along with the photo, TheCapitol.PN has added a new site feature called Capitol Concerns, which lets citizens voice their thoughts and opinions on the topics of Goods & Labor, Enforcement & Safety, Public Figures & Leadership, Ethics & Moral Policy, and History straight to the Capitol!



There are also some changes regarding various social media pages. TheCapitol.PN has now been renamed to One Panem on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The individual District Facebook pages have also been absorbed into “One Panem” (some interesting symbolism I think).

What do you think about these changes and the new Snow/Peeta image? Let us know in the comments!

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Stanley Tucci Supports ‘Mockingjay’ Movie Split and Says Caesar is a “coward”

IGN recently caught up with Stanley Tucci during the press tour for Transformers: Age of Extinction and talked a little bit about Mockingjay.  

When asked if he thinks splitting the book into two films makes sense, Stanley said, “I think it does make sense to split it into two movies.  You don’t want to cram a lot of information into one.”  Stanley further commented that he thinks Caesar is “terrified” once the rebellion starts and is the “ultimate coward.”

What do you guys think?  Do you think the rebelling districts would completely scare off Caesar?

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Hunger games nominated in seven categories for the Young Hollywood Awards

The nominees for the Young Hollywood Awards 2014 have been announced and the Catching Fire cast and movie have been nominated in seven categories.

Fan Favorite Actor – Male
· Adam Driver
· Ansel Elgort
· Andrew Garfield
· Liam Hemsworth
· Jonah Hill
· Josh Hutcherson
· Theo James
· Michael B. Jordan
· Taylor Lautner
· Aaron Paul
· Andy Samberg
· Channing Tatum

Fan Favorite Actor – Female
· Emilia Clarke
· Kaley Cuoco
· Zooey Deschanel
· Nina Dobrev
· Jennifer Lawrence
· Chloe Grace Moretz
· Emma Roberts
· Emmy Rossum
· Taylor Schilling
· Emma Stone
· Allison Williams
· Shailene Woodley

Breakthrough Actor:
· Sam Claflin
· Ansel Elgort
· Dylan O’Brien
· Miles Teller
· Nat Wolff

Best Threesome:
· The Hunger Games (Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson)
· Neighbors (Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse)
· That Awkward Moment (Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan)
· The Vampire Diaries (Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley)
· Workaholics (Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson)

 Best Cast Chemistry – Film:
· Divergent
· The Fault in Our Stars
· The Hunger Games
· Neighbors
· Veronica Mars
· X-Men: Days of Future Past

Favorite Flick:
· 22 Jump Street
· Divergent
· The Fault in Our Stars
· The Hunger Games
· Maleficent
· X-Men: Days of Future Past

You can vote for our THG cast here. The Young Hollywood Awards will be on Monday, July 28th 8PM ET/PT on the CW.

Source: HG girl on fire

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The DWTC Staff React to the First ‘Mockingjay’ Teaser

One PanemWe received a late night (or for some of us very early morning) gift from Lionsgate earlier this week, in the form of the first teaser for Mockingjay Part 1.  Now that we’ve had some time to let the images of Peeta and President Snow sink in, the DWTC staff wanted to take a moment to share their reactions to the Teaser with all of you.  Be sure to let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with us, and of course be sure to share with us what your reactions were to the latest in Capitol Propaganda.


I have stated before that I never want to feel like a fan– I want to feel like I’m a part of the world of my fandoms. From the promotion for the very first film, The Hunger Games franchise has always done a wonderful job of giving me the experience that I wanted. This teaser took this feeling one step further. Rather than promoting an upcoming movie to fans, it was a propo, designed for the “citizens of Panem”, to keep their support for the Capitol and the President. I could not be more thrilled. It was something I would have seen on my TV in Panem. It was exactly the type of promotion that I love and makes me feel like a real part of that world. In addition, I loved Peeta’s silent presence in the teaser. It was exactly what they would be showing in the Capital after the end of the 75th Hunger Games. And Josh Hutcherson’s look at the very end, when he finally looked at the camera, was absolutely chilling. Bravo. I loved it.


My initial reaction to watching this teaser was to think: “Really? That’s all we get?” Yes, it’s something, and it’s a pretty cool something, I’ll admit. But it hardly “teases” us about what we have to look forward to in the film. With that said, I guess I should acknowledge that by saying “us,” I mean fans who have read the books. If you haven’t read the books, I can imagine that seeing Peeta standing by Snow would actually be a total shocker; making you wonder what happens in the story and how Peeta could possibly be supporting the Capitol’s power. But as a reader of the book, I want a sneak peek into the filmography, not the content. I also have to say that this clip didn’t really live up to what I was imagining Katniss had seen when distraught about Peeta’s safety whilst in District 13. There’s just something about the way Peeta was staring up into the distance, before turning his eyes into the lens…


“I think this was a powerful teaser setting the tone for the film and the rest of the promotional campaign. The acting prowess of Donald Sutherland really make this teaser mind-blowingly brilliant you almost believe what he is saying ,all though everyone I showed it to scoffed at “your hard work feeds us and in return we feed and protect you”, the overwhelming feeling watch this teaser is fear which is directed at the citizens of Panem scaring them in to submission. Everything in this teaser just seems to go right down to the music which was eerily similar to what you would hear in a political broadcast, but this is the Capitol so the set design was advantageous yet simplistic especially with the beautiful costumes (which shows we don’t have to be worried about the new costume designers) and Snow`s thrown with everything laid bare in white which I found rather creepy you see just how sinister Snow is. The reveal of Peeta I found partially jarring even though I expected it ,those big sad confused eyes conveying so much as I would say he has already been hijacked and seeing him turn to camera I found very unsettling ,but also deeply sad. Although I loved this teaser I think we should of been given something with some footage of the film not to say that this teaser won’t be in the film as a piece of propaganda from the Capitol, but I think we should have seen Katniss by now at least a still or character poster, I would have given this to us later in the promotional campaign.”


Wow the teaser trailer was not what I was expecting, it surprised me but in a good way! I didn’t think they would promote it like an actual promo I think the way they did that was really clever. Rather than aiming it at Hunger Games fans it was like it was aimed at the districts of Panem and I really liked that. The best part for me, like many fans , was the way that Peeta turned his head at the end ! It makes me really excited for the movie and future trailers. Also, I thought having only Snow and Peeta in the trailer was both good and bad. I would have liked to see a bit of the other characters but at the same time it added to the suspense, made me more intrigued and excited for future trailers.


I wasn’t expecting this kind of teaser and I admit I was initially disappointed.  But looking back, I think it was the right decision. Even though we don’t see any action scenes from the actual film, it builds the anticipation and stays in line with how The Capitol has been portrayed.It’s a nice gift to the fans of the book.  Just look at that glance Peeta gives to the camera at the end :(  We totally understand the significance but it also intrigues casual moviegoers with Snow’s warning to Panem.  Most importantly, it presents the usage of propaganda, which we all know is a huge part of Mockingjay and really sets the tone. There are no more games and Snow is ready to battle.I think this was very effective as a teaser.  It was chilling!  I can’t wait to see what they do with the official trailer.


Wow. Well, first of all, I was sad that I couldn’t stay up past my bedtime to see it when it premiered! But that just means I got to watch it first thing the next morning, and it was a good way to start the day. My first thought was: so much white. White. My second thought was about the music, and how it was similar to what we’ve heard from the Capitol before with just a little difference to it — I like that. President Snow’s speech sounds so similar to the video the Capitol showed at the the reaping in The Hunger Games. Again, I like the consistency that looks like it will flow through these four films with very different stories. Had to laugh sadly at, “Your hard work feeds us, and in return we feed and protect you.” And all I could think was about all the food in District 11 and how they can’t eat any of it :( Obviously, the food/feeding imagery is important to use in a film called The Hunger Games, and it works very nicely there. Then the slight dramatic turn of the music — it gets sinister when Snow starts saying, “But if you resist the system, you starve yourself…” And then when he says, “If you fight against it, it is you who will bleed,” and all I can think is when Peeta is beat up for trying to warn Katniss in that one TV segment. SPEAKING OF SAD, I know several articles have been posted on how Peeta nails the vacant, hijacked look. I agree with them all. I WANT TO CRY. Overall, very well played teaser trailer. We get so much out of what looks like a simple minute. If the entire movie has the same vibe as the teaser trailer, it will be haunting and ironic and powerful. 


I’ve been counting down the days to see anything Mockingjay related since the ending credits of Catching Fire.
Finally, it happened!
All white. Peeta. President Snow. I can’t even process it all and it wasn’t long enough!  Okay that’s just me being greedy!
The one other thing I’m dying for … Haymitch.  What? Are you shocked I said that?  You don’t know me well enough then! This is where he shines!
Nonetheless,  I loved every second and can’t wait for more!


First off, I LOVE the style of this teaser. It’s just that– a tease of what the Mockingjay gang had been up to, but they’re not giving it away yet. I hope the next we get is a similar District 13 propo, and if it is, the darkness and fire will contrast the stark white of President Snow’s video /beautifully/. (My twisted head canon has Katniss as the focus with Gale or Prim by her side, but hey, I’m a masochist.) I feel like this was the perfect first tease of where we’re about to go. And I am completely and utterly not prepared for the end to come!


I have to admit by the time the teaser was released at 3 am ET on Wednesday, I was almost too tired to care.  Then I hit play on the video and woke quickly up.  This teaser was exactly what I had been hoping for ever since the “hero” posters arrived last week.  This was a continuation of the Capitol Propaganda line, and an immersive marketing campaign by Lionsgate.  What I love so much about this is they aren’t just showing clips of the film, like most standard teasers would, they are instead bringing us into the world of Panem, and in a much more intense way then they have during the previous two films.  It really makes me excited for what they have planned next, perhaps a rebel propo?!

Now the teaser itself is powerful, yet very subtle.  It begins as a simple, you help us, we help you message.  Then turns very sinister, but in a very calm and calculated way, ending with a very real threat.  You attack us, and you will be the ones that are hurt.  And the use of Peeta…(sniffle), and Josh’s performance — sheer brilliance.  To the people of Panem, Peeta was as much a symbol as Katniss was, but in a different way.  To have him, someone they’ve grown to trust, standing at the right hand of Snow gives off a strong meaning, and in a very real way condones what he is saying.   Then Snow adds, “I know you’ll stand with me, with us”…indicating himself and Peeta, seeming to say that they are a team in this.  This too gives real power to the force of Snow’s message.

Now let’s discuss those camera angles.  While President Snow is delivering the first part of his address, Peeta is not revealed, it is only when the message turns sinister that the camera pans back and we get our first glimpse of him gazing off into the distance.  It’s at this point, I’m sure this portion of the message is directly for Katniss, an open threat to her and all those she loves, including Peeta.  Then there’s that final look, where he turns his head and we (the reader) can see he is not himself anymore.  That cold yet faraway look, that gives the impression that he is facing an internal struggle with his hijacked self.

My husband asked me a question about the timing of the teaser, and when I think it falls within the timeline for the movie.  And really that’s a good question, my gut tells me it’s not quite the beginning of the story, as we know he was first used in the interviews with Caesar and of course he wouldn’t have been in any shape at that point to stand with Snow.  So, it has to be somewhere after the hijacking began but before he warns District 13.  My best guess is it’s not in the film at all, but a bonus scene for us all, but that it falls near the same time frame as his beating on TV.

This teaser really has me excited for the rest of the marketing for this film.  I just hope it’s up to the same caliber as this!  (And bring on Katniss and the rebel propo!)


I really enjoyed the new teaser! I thought it was perfectly creepy! I am really hoping we’ll get more of these short Capitol propaganda teasers and that they’ll start to be interrupted by the rebels! I love how even though this most likely isn’t real footage from the film, the acting by both Donald Sutherland and Josh Hutcherson is still so in character! Like everyone else has been pointing out, Peeta’s head turn there at the end is heartbreaking and just shows how perfect a Peeta he really is. I can’t wait to see actual film footage, but I thought this was an excellent way to get the promotion ball rolling!


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Josh Hutcherson and ‘Catching Fire’ Crew Invited to Join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Josh Hutcherson, our Peeta Mellark, has been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Josh is one of 271 artists and executives selected, including three crew members from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

“This year’s class of invitees represents some of the most talented, creative and passionate filmmakers working in our industry today,” said Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs.  “Their contributions to film have entertained audiences around the world and we are proud to welcome them to the Academy.”

The invited crew from Catching Fire include Alan Edward Bell (Film Editor), Jeremy Peirson (Sound), and Eric Reynolds (Visual Effects).  If they accept their invitations, the new members will be officially welcomed into the Academy in September of this year.

Congratulations to Josh, Alan, Jeremy, and Eric on their invitations!  You can read the full list of invitees at the Academy’s site here.

Sources:  Deadline, Panem Propaganda


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A new poster for Serena Jennifer Lawrence`s upcoming film

UPDATE: we’ve been hearing this is a fan based poster and not anything official. It’s very well done though!

A new poster for Jennifer Lawrence`s upcoming film Serena with Bradley Cooper has been released. Serena was filmed in 2012 and has been in post ever since, we still don’t even know a release date, but hopefully with the release of the poster we should be finding out soon.






















Source: HG girl on fire


Here it is Tributes! The Official Teaser Trailer for #Mockingjay Part 1 and You Are Not Going to Believe It!

One Panem

Here is the official teaser trailer! The Snow! The Peeta! The underlying feels! What did you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments after you watch!

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Something’s Coming Tonight Tributes….A Very Special Message All the Way from the Capitol!

Something’s coming tributes……

CITIZENS: Prepare for an important announcement. Your President addresses the nation of Panem, tonight on Capitol TV#OnePanem

capitol announcement