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Updates to TheCapitol.PN: District Hero Interviews With Caesar Flickerman and Much More


The Capitol TV section of TheCapitol.PN has undergone a bit of a facelift, making it appear more like a news site for Panem.  The header now includes weather updates for the Districts, the latest stock market readings and a scrolling news feed that actually links out to real stories from around the web.

Screenshot (281)


In addition they’ve added several new news stories!

Screenshot (282)

Screenshot (283)You can read about/view a

What do you think about the latest updates?  Let us know in the comments.

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The Hunger Games Instagram Reveals a New Still of Pollux

The Hunger Games Instagram keeps rolling with the new images, this time with a shot of Pollux!  Check it out below.

Pollux Mockingjay Instagram


Elden Henson joins the cast of @TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1 as #Pollux, the silent rebel.

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The Secret History of Katniss’s Hunting Jacket

It’s no secret that The Hunger Games films have some of the best costume designs out there, but some facts have been kept hidden…until now. As part of an upcoming exhibit displaying some of Hollywood’s most iconic costumes, Fast Company Design was able to speak to costume designers about the creation of some of their best pieces. One of those happened to include Katniss’s hunting jacket from the first movie.

Costume designer Judianna Makovsky: When we started designing Katniss’s hunting costume, we tried to follow the description in the book exactly. The book describes her jacket as her father’s old hunting jacket. We drew inspiration from American mining work clothes, and also looked at leather jackets from the ‘30s through the ‘50s. But the first jacket we made, from leather, really didn’t look good. Because it was meant to be her father’s, it was oversized, and way too big and bulky. It impeded her from shooting the arrow. So finally, after testing it out, I said, “I think we should make a jacket that actually fits her.” I knew superfans might be disappointed, but in a filmic, realistic sense, the oversized jacket just didn’t work.

Did the jacket stand out to you when you saw the film? Let us know in the comments!

For more secret histories of other iconic costumes, check out Fast Company Design!

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WATCH: CapitolTV Warns of Mandatory Blackouts in the Capitol

CapitolTV has updated with a new video alterting Capitol Citizens to mandatory blackouts that are affecting the area as they test a new operating system designed to strengthen security systems.  District 3 is assuring citizens this is normal and should be remedied shortly. (But is it though?)

We are aware this video is not available for all to view, but hopefully this will change soon.  But we assure you, you are not missing any new footage.  It is simply a voice over with the Capitol seal.

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New Still of Castor from #Mockingjay: Part 1

The Hunger Games official Instagram has updated again, this time with a new image of Wes Chatham as Castor.  Take a look!

Castor Mockingjay Instagram

Wes Chatham (@OfficialWesChatham) joins@TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1 as #Castor, the rebel behind the lens.

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New Still of Caesar Flickerman from #Mockingjay Part 1

The Hunger Games Official Instagram has updated again.  This time with a new still of Caesar Flickerman!

Caesar Flickerman Mockingjay Instagram

The voice of the Capitol… Stanley Tucci returns as #CaesarFlickerman in @TheHungerGames: #Mockingjay Part 1.

In addition, they also posted a “new” still of Katniss and Gale.  New as in it’s new as a still since this is a scene we’ve seen before in the trailer. :)

Katniss and Gale Mockingjay Instagram


A friendship strengthens on the eve of revolution. #Mockingjay

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New Image of Beetee in #MockingjayPart1 Via The Hunger Games Instagram

A new image of Beetee has popped up on the official Hunger Games Instagram! Check it out below!



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New Image of Cressida from #Mockingjay via The Hunger Games Instagram

Earlier today The Hunger Games Instagram released a new image of Gale with the promise of more to come over the next 8 days.  We thought we’d have to wait til tomorrow to get a new photo, but we were wrong, as a new still of Cressida has been revealed as well.

Cressida Mockingjay Instagram

Take note of the roses in the rubble behind her!  Could this be taking place after the bombing of District 13? Looking back at the book it certainly seems like that is a strong possibility!

“As we approach what used to be the grand entrance, Gale points out something and the whole party slows down. I don’t know what the problem is at first and then I see the ground strewn with fresh pink and red roses. “Don’t touch them!” I yell. “They’re for me!”

The sickeningly sweet smell hits my nose, and my heart begins to hammer against my chest. So I didn’t imagine it. The rose on my dresser. Before me lies Snow’s second delivery. Long-stemmed pink and red beauties, the very flowers that decorated the set where Peeta and I performed our post-victory interview. Flowers
not meant for one, but for a pair of lovers.

I explain to the others as best I can. Upon inspection, they appear to be harmless, if genetically enhanced, flowers. Two dozen roses. Slightly wilted. Most likely dropped after the last bombing. A crew in special suits collects them and carts them away. I feel certain they will find nothing extraordinary in them, though. Snow knows exactly what he’s doing to me. It’s like having Cinna beaten to a pulp while I watch from my tribute tube. Designed to unhinge me., Mockingjay, p. 160-161″

Now the roses in this scene appear to be white, but that may have just been a slight change to keep them in line with the other roses we’ve seen from Snow previously.  Thanks to @foreverlarkkp for pointing it out!

Along with this image, The Hunger Games Explorer also posted a new bio for actress Natalie Dormer.


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New Mockingjay Still of Gale — More Exclusive Photos to Come from The Hunger Games Instagram

The Hunger Games Official Instagram will be giving us 8 amazing days of exclusive content from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1!  The official Twitter announced it early this afternoon.

And who should kick off the festivities, but Gale who has transformed “from hunter to soldier”

Gale Mockingjay Instagram

Are you excited to see what other goodies we get over the next week? Who are you hoping they feature? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to follow the Official Instagram!

UPDATE: A new bio for Liam has now appeared on The Hunger Games Explorer.  Our assumption is that these new tidbits of information will continue to appear as each new image is revealed. :)

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Willow Shields Talks Wrapping ‘The Hunger Games’ and Her Friendship with Jennifer Lawrence


Willow and Jen - CF Premiere

Christopher Polk/Getty

Katniss and Prim’s close relationship in The Hunger Games is a crucial element to the story and Katniss’ journey as the Mockingjay.  And it has always seemed like Jennifer Lawrence and Willow Shields share a strong off-screen friendship as well.  Willow recently spoke with InStyle Magazine and People’s Choice.com about Prim’s evolution in Mockingjay, working with Jennifer, and being like siblings in real life.

On Prim’s role in Mockingjay: 

I feel like Prim has become even stronger in Mockingjay and more sophisticated in different ways,” said Shields. “She’s now living in District 13 and she’s training to be a doctor already at the age of 14. She’s really become a strong person and she’s kind of followed in her sister’s footsteps in that way.”

Willow also talked about Jennifer’s work ethic and attitude on set:

“People always talk about how Jen’s so funny, and she is. She lightens the serious on-set mood in a great way,” Shields says. “But they don’t see the fact that when they say ‘action,’ she’s serious about her work and portraying her character the right way. I love that about her—it’s inspiring that she can balance having fun on set while also being serious.”

When asked about what it was like to wrap the movies, it was a similar sentiment we’ve heard other cast members share. “It was very emotional,” she said. “We’re a big family and it’s hard for us to not be working together for months at a time.” But even though Willow and Jennifer have wrapped The Hunger Games for good, Willow is happy to say that they are still close and like real-life sisters. Or maybe even a motherly relationship?

“[Jennifer] was recently talking to me about my friends and I was like, ‘I think I want to go do something with my friends,’ and she was like, ‘Are any boys going to be there? If there are, I have to go with you Willow,’ recalled Shields.

“She really is like a sister to me, and when my mom’s not traveling with me, she’s like a mom to me,” Shields says. “She’s so protective over me, and somehow we’ve become even closer while filming Mockingjay, which I didn’t know was possible!”

Read more of Willow’s interviews here and here.