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WATCH: The Mockingjay Cast Discusses Set Injuries, Stunts, and Stinky Socks??


There is a ton of good info in these interviews including how stinky Woody Harrelson’s socks really are, Liam’s on-set injury, the hardest stunts to do, and more. Check out the videos below:

Source: Yahoo

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Jennifer, Josh & Liam Talk about their Final Moments on the #HungerGames Set & Their Last Trip to SDCC


Jennifer Josh LiamJosh, Jennifer, and Liam talk about this last trip to SDCC, their emotional last day of principal photography on the franchise, the new trailer (which we can’t see yet! GAH!), their growth as actors and more. They also take a shot at whistling the Mockingjay call. Check them out below. Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Josh Hutcherson Wears a Mask to Blend in at Comic Con – Scares Jennifer Lawrence

Josh maskWhat’s the best way to be a celebrity and walk through Comic Con without fans hording around you? Wear a super freaky looking mask of course! This is exactly what Josh did, and then he decided to barge into Jennifer’s room and scare the crap out of her. Watch the hilarious story below: Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Full #MockingjaySDCC Press Conference

Jennifer and face palm LiamAfter their Hall H panel yesterday, the Mockingjay Part 2 cast and crew sat down with members of the press to answer even more questions. The press conference is over 20 minutes long, but well worth watching every minute. So, sit back, relax and be ready to laugh a bit too.   Continue Reading »

WATCH: Jennifer & Liam Talk Different Mockingjay Scenery & More With IGN

Jennifer notes how it was interesting to film indoors for the last Mockingjay movie, but she did miss filming in “the wild”.

When asked how similar the Mockingjay movies are to the books, Liam said he couldn’t remember because he hasn’t read the books in the years.

Source: IGN

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HITFIX interviews: Jennifer`s new tattoo and what happens when you call Liam Chris

Liam Jen Josh

After Mockingjay pt. 2’s comic con panel Jennifer and Liam gave interviews to Hitfix, resulting in two revealing and interesting encounters.

In this clip Jennifer reveals her new if not strange tattoo and the story behind it.

In this clip Liam thinks the interviewer has called him Chris (e.g. the other Hemsworth well at least on this site).

Here Liam reveals his geek Blindspot.

Source: HITFIX

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WATCH: Full Video of the #MockingjayPart2 Panel at #SDCC

We’ve talked, tweeted and RT’d so much about the panel today, you’d think we know everything about it. But nothing beats watching it for yourself. So, sit back, relax and check out the full Mockingjay Part 2 panel below.

(Note the promo and trailer are not in the video as they were “exclusive” content and thus attendees were not allowed to film them.)

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WATCH: Preview Clips of Jennifer, Josh & Liam on Conan

cast on conan photobomb Conan is just now airing on the East Coast, but we all ready have some preview clips to show you of Jennifer, Josh and Liam on the show.

Beginning of the segment and the cast talk Memorable Fan Encounters:


Jennifer SINGS …

The full show should hopefully be online tomorrow and we’ll be sure to post it when it’s available.

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WATCH: Jennifer, Josh and Liam Talk Saying Goodbye to the #HungerGames with MTV

Liam Jen JoshWe can’t be biased…many of our favorite interviews with The Hunger Games cast usually happen when they are in the presence of MTV’s Josh Horowitz and these are no exception.  We have a triple feature for you below with Jennifer, Josh and Liam each talking about the end of the franchise.  Horowitz tries to get them to say nasty things about each, which of course they can’t.  Josh and Liam go on to talk about who “ugly cried” that last day of prinicpal photography, and Jennifer is put on the spot to decide between Josh and trashy reality TV.  All 3 also talk about the possibilities of prequels/sequels. Check them out below. Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Francis Talks #HungerGames Prequel/Sequel — Jennifer, Josh & Willow Chat BFF’s

Interviews from the Press Line at SDCC are beginning to roll in.  In this first batch we have Francis, Jennifer, Josh and Willow’s interviews with Clevver TV.

In this first clip, Director Francis Lawrence talks about wrapping the films and how things went that last day of principal photography.  He also talks about his thoughts on a Hunger Games prequel or sequel. Check it out below.

Next up, we have Josh, Willow and Jennifer chatting about the qualities they desire in a BFF and more.