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OFFICIAL: ‘Mockingjay Part 2′ to be Released in IMAX 3D!


Unlike it’s Part 1 counterpart, it appears Mockingjay Part 2 will indeed be released in not only 2D, but RealD 3D and IMAX 3D as well!  Check out the press releases below for details and the official synopsis for the film.

Francis Quote on #D


SANTA MONICA, Calif., February 6, 2015 – IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) and Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), a premier next generation global content leader, today announced that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, the next installment of the global blockbuster Hunger Games franchise, will be digitally re-mastered into the immersive IMAX® format and released in IMAX® 3D theaters domestically for the film’s November 20th rollout.

“I’m thrilled Mockingjay – Part 2 will be in IMAX theaters,” said director Francis Lawrence. “Fans will now have the chance to see the film in any format they want, which is exciting; we recently saw the 3-D version of Mockingjay – Part 1 before its release in China, and the new level of immersion was really fantastic.”

“It’s exciting to be back in The Hunger Games world and once again team up with our partners at Lionsgate, director Francis Lawrence and producers Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik on what we believe will be a thrilling, action-packed finale to this blockbuster franchise,” said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment. “The fan enthusiasm and cultural impact that this series has generated has been truly remarkable and we are thrilled to offer audiences the opportunity to experience the last chapter in IMAX 3D.”

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Deleted Scenes from the Mockingjay Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD Revealed!

Mockingjay Blu-ray DVD comboThe days are winding down til the home entertainment release of Mockingjay Part 1 and more information about the bonus features  has recenently been revealed.  Thanks to the British Board of Film Classification (via our friends at Quarter Quell — Thanks guys!) we know now the approximate runtime for some of the bonus features AND the list of the deleted scenes!

For convenience we’ve re-listed the bonus features from the Digital HD and Blu-ray combo pack below and have bolded the updates. :)

*“The Mockingjay Lives: The Making of Mockingjay – Part 1“: 8-part feature-length documentary

  • Hope and Rebellion: Continuing the Saga
  • Designing Dystopia: Visual Aesthetic
  • Rebels and Warriors:The Cast  (00:13:59:18)
  • Fusing Form and Function: Costume, Make-Up & Hair
  • Fighting the System: Shooting on Location
  • D13: Rebellion Tactics
  • Perfecting Panem: The Post-Production Process
  • Taking Back Our Future: Reflections & Looking Forward (00:09:47:17)

*“Straight From the Heart: A Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman” featurette (00:11:00:14)
*“Songs of Rebellion: Lorde on Curating the Soundtrack” featurette
*“Yellow Flicker Beat” – Lorde music video
*Deleted Scenes (10:47)

  • 00:00:46:21(SCENE 19 KATNISS LEAVES DISTRICT 12)
  • 00:03:01:11(SCENE 47 I’M NOT ASKING)
  • 00:02:14:11(SCENE 49-50 HUMMINGBIRDS)
  • 00:00:50:00(SCENE 52 FACE OF A REVOLUTION)
  • 00:01:07:20(SCENE 56 WE’RE STILL IN THE GAME)
  • 00:00:25:07(SCENE 76 SNOW SEES PROPO)

*Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Producer Nina Jacobson
*Sneak Peek of The Divergent Series: (00:04:08:17)

Almost 11 minutes of deleted scenes! From the titles and the scene numbers, we can certainly start to make guesses as to what each contains.  Our favorite is Scene 56 “We’re still in the game” as we assume this is the discussion between Haymitch and Katniss about how they both broke their deal to keep Peeta safe.  It’s one we definitely missed the most in the theatrical version, so we are so happy it’s being included.

We are scratching our head trying to figure out if the “Finnick Odair in his underwear” scene is included among these scenes.  It isn’t specifically listed, but it could be hidden in one of the other scenes, just to surprise us.  Maybe even the aforementioned “We’re still in the game” as that would be occurring before her trip to District 8, as would the Finnick scene.  As that scene tracks over a minute long, maybe it’s somehow in there?  We’re going to keep our fingers crossed that it’s lurking somewhere!

Continuing our detective work, thanks to a Collider interview with Francis Lawrence we know there was a full scene in a meadow in District 13 that was cut, so perhaps that is the sequence labled “Hummingbird”?  That scene is listed as over two minutes in length, so the time definitely fits a full cut.

There is another full sequence between Peeta and President Snow that was filmed that Donald Sutherland mentioned as one of favorite scenes.  During this interview with Hit Fix he discusses it in detail, even mentioning it contains the words “I’m not asking!” So it looks like we are definitely going to get to see it!

Do you have thoughts on what the other scenes might contain?  Which are you most looking forward to seeing?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Mockingjay Part 1 arrives in the US on HD Digital on February 17th and on Blu-ray/DVD on March 6th.



The DUFF – Book/Movie Review and GIVEAWAY

With the upcoming release of the film adaptation of The DUFF, I was given the opportunity to read the book and attend an early screening of the film. To avoid spoilers, I will give a minimal-spoiler review of the book and movie and a giveaway.
The DUFF is about a high school senior, Bianca, who shortly finds out she is recognized as the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) of her group of three. Of course, the person that told her this is football star and mansion-living Wesley, who is trying to use her being the DUFF to get to her friends. In true heroine form, Bianca proceeds to throw her cherry coke in his face. As the story continues, we learn about her complicated history, rough home life, and the crush she has on a taken boy. Bianca shortly uses Wesley as an escape—enemies with benefits. But as the two tangle in secret and truths are revealed, the lies start to get more complicated.
The movie is about a girl who shortly finds out she is The Duff in her group of three. Upset by this knowledge, Bianca enlists childhood friend-turned football star (and next-door neighbor) Wesley’s help to remove her DUFF image and help her get a date with her crush. But when Wesley’s on-and-off girlfriend gets involved, Bianca finds herself the victim of cyber bullying. When she finally lands a date with the guy, the outcome is not what anyone expected.
Doesn’t quite sound like the same story? Well, that’s because it’s not. If you are looking for a true-to-the-book translation on screen, this is not the movie for you. However, as a very loose translation and perhaps even a completely separate plot, it was definitely a movie worth seeing.
Going into the movie, I will admit I was nervous about the changes I knew were coming. A large part about what made this book so special was that Bianca never actively attempted to lose her DUFF image. It was clear from previews that would change in the movie. But a story about teenage hate sex was not one Hollywood was willing to sell to a (mostly teenage) viewing audience. It became a viewer-friendly story with the same character names, though the strong similarities end there. With that said, both the book and movie are strong and enjoyable stories that I was very glad to explore.

In addition, I have a movie-tie-in edition of the book (which comes out later this month) and a t-shirt for giveaway. Contest ends tomorrow at midnight ET!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

PLEASE NOTE: Contest is for US Residents only. If a non-US resident wins, another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Are you planning on seeing the movie? Have you read the book or you you plan to? If so, let us know what you think in the comments!

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‘The Hanging Tree’ Has Officially Gone Platinum

The Hanging Tree Certified Platinum

‘The Hanging Tree’ has officially gone platinum!  Shortly after Mockingjay – Part 1 came out, us tributes were overjoyed to see the reaction to the song take off.  The RIAA today certified that the song has now sold one million copies.

StereoGum reports:

“The song has been in the Top 5 iTunes sales bracket in over 75 countries, and held the #2 spot on Spotify’s viral chart soon after its release. When the song was released back in December, it debuted at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.”

Congratulations to all involved!

Sources:  StereoGum, RIAA

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WATCH: Josh Hutcherson’s Appearance on SyFy’s ‘Face Off’

Josh Hutcherson Face Off 2On last night’s episode of SyFy’s Face Off, Josh Hutcherson stepped in as a guest judge.  The creatures the contestants were designing this week were meant to be deadly preadators mixing the elements of an animal and a plant (aka Mutts!).  You can check out the full episode here.

(Update: We just noticed the YouTube video of the show has been taken down.  We didn’t realize when we originally posted it that it was not a legit upload.  You can still check out the show on the official site at the link above.)



Lionsgate CEO Talks about the Future of ‘The Hunger Games’ Franchise

jon_feltheimer_As a successful franchise begins to head towards its curtain call in the cinema, it is natural for questions to start being raised about the future of that world.  The Hunger Games is no different, just after the premiere of Mockingjay Part 1, discussions surfaced with Director Francis Lawrence about a potential expansion of the universe and now Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer answers questions about the highly debated topic as well.  Although he doesn’t deny they’ve thought about it, he does say that maybe another of Lionsgate’s YA franchises would spin off first.

The Hunger Games franchise wraps in November. What’s the future for Lionsgate in the YA space?

We’re always looking for ways to extend all of our intellectual property. We’ve seen that’s what happened with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. So we’re always looking for worlds within the IP that we haven’t explored yet.

So you’re saying something else in the Hunger Games world isn’t out of the question?

Not saying specifically for The Hunger Games, but we have other franchises, too. If you look atDivergent, for example, after the third book, [author Veronica Roth] actually put out a novella called Four. There may be other material there. One never knows when we dig into the treasure troves of these brilliant writers what we might find.

Can there be another YA franchise as successful as Twilight or Hunger Games? Or has that moment passed?

These franchises are like magic. You can’t prescribe them. They come out of the ether a little bit, and then you hope you manage them well enough to make them everything they can be.

Do you think The Hunger Games could be expanded upon ala The Harry Potter universe?  Or do you think it would just be “greedy” for the studio to move ahead with new canon?  If they did do more with Panem, what would you like to see? Prequel? Sequel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: THR

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Photos/Video: The Mockingjay Part 2 Cast at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards

Mockingjay Cast SAGJulianne Moore wasn’t the only member of the Hunger Games cast at last night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.  Joining her were Mahershala Ali, Natalie Dormer and Gwendoline Christie whose projects were also nominated.  Check out photos and video of some of our favorite rebels below.

Mahershala Ali (Boggs)

Natalie Dormer (Cressida)

Gwendoline Christie (Commander Lyme)

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Julianne Moore Wins Big at the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards

Julianne Moore is on a roll!  Last night, our President Coin stepped up to accept a Screen Actors’ Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role” for her work in Still Alice. Check out her acceptance speech and her press room interview below.

Our cast is so fun and so talented! Our fandom is so incredibly lucky!

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LOOK: Willow Shields Talks “Mockingjay” with Glamoholic

Willow Shields is looking very grown up in the latest issue of Glamoholic.  In the feature Willow discusses growing up with Prim, her future and more.

Source: Glamoholic

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PHOTOS + VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Attends Producers Guild Awards; Presents Award to Lionsgate CEO

Jennifer - PGA 2015 - 8

It’s been awhile since our girl on fire made a red carpet appearance.  But over this past weekend, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out at the Producers Guild Awards for a special mission:  Presenting a Milestone Award to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer.

As we all know, Lionsgate are the careful handlers of our beloved franchise’s films.  And in her (hilarious) speech, Jennifer acknowledges the gratitude she feels towards Feltheimer, as well as admiring his achievements.

Check out her speech below!

Source:  Panem Propaganda