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WATCH: Willow and Mark React to their Near Perfect #DWTS Hunger Games Performance


Willow Hunger GamesWillow Shields, and her DWTS Partner Mark Ballas, stunned the crowd and the judges last night with a spectacular Hunger Games inspired performance, scoring a 39 out of a possible 40 points.  Willow and Mark spoke with several media outlets sharing their reactions to their near perfect score. Continue Reading »

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WATCH: Willow Shields and Partner Mark Ballas Wow the #DWTS Judges with a #HungerGames Inspired Routine!

Willow and MarkThis week on Dancing with the Stars the theme was “Most Memorable Year.”  Willow Shields chose 2011, the year she was cast as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games.  Willow shared part of the audition tape she sent in to Gary Ross and talked about those first scary days on set.  Then she and partner Mark Ballas performed a contemporary dance routine to Atlas by Coldplay from the Catching Fire Soundtrack. The choreography was Hunger Games inspired, complete with canons and pictures in the sky. Their routine wowed the judges netting them a score of 39 out of 40 points and topping the leader board for the night.

Watch below and we’re pretty sure you’ll be wowed too.

(If for some reason the video doesn’t go right to Willow and Mark’s performance, it is listed in the playlist near the top.)

Here’s another version to try if that doesn’t work well for you.

Our little Prim has certainly grown up!

To vote for Willow Shields and Mark Ballas, call 1-855-234-5612!


UPDATED! Josh Hutcherson Says “No” to the Blonde, Will Not Appear in Mockingjay Epilogue

Josh says no to blonde

UPDATE: 7:43 pm 4/1/15

Did you solve our little bolded word puzzle in the text below?  Is this news “Real or Not Real?” 

Not Real! April Fools! Josh is still scheduled to shoot later this spring/summer for the Mockingjay Part 2 Epilogue and we’re sure he’ll be Peeta blonde in one way or another. :)

Thanks to everyone who had as much fun with this as we did today!  Oh and if you haven’t all ready, be sure to click the Source link below! ;)

Original text follows:

We hate to begin the day with such sad news, but word has just come via Lionsgate that Josh Hutcherson will no longer be joining in the filming for that last and most anticipated scene from the epilogue of Mockingjay Part 2.  Why will the shoot be Peetaless?  Well the answer may seem like such a nitpicky thing for us tributes, but it obviously wasn’t to Josh.

“I promised fans there wasn’t anything to worry about with the epilogue, but I have to go back a bit on that now and I want to be the one to explain to them why that is.” said producer Nina Jacobson.  “We’ve come to an agreement with Josh (Hutcherson) that he will no longer need to join us for the filming of the last scene for the Mockingjay Part 2 epilogue.  We didn‘t come to this decision lightly. It was reached after some serious discussion about the needs for the scene.  Josh has now had several months away from the upkeep of the look required for Peeta and he has no desire to go through that process again. So out of respect for his wishes to not have to dye and bleach his hair blonde for such a small section of the film, we’ve figured out a way to do the sequence with just Jennifer (Lawrence) and we promise it will have the same emotional impact as our original plan. We know this will be a disappointment to fans, but we hope they will try to understand and respect Josh’s wishes.”

(Crying yet? Yeah us too. :( )

Fans will remember Josh has been very vocal in recent interviews about his excitement at not needing to don the blonde locks after the series was complete.  Apparently he has enjoyed not having to do those “annoying touch ups” so much he wants to be done with it permanently.

We’ll have to wait til the film arrives to see how this news affects the epilogue sequence, but we are devastated that something else couldn’t have been done to resolve this issue.  For now we’ll have to have faith that Francis, Nina and Jennifer can pull this off without him.




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Lionsgate to Add #HungerGames Theme Park Attractions to Motiongate Dubai

Katniss Everdeen 2Want to enter a theme park world inspired by Panem? Well start planning to book those hovercraft tickets now.

This morning Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Dubai Parks and Resorts that would add state of the art theme park attractions and a retail facility inspired by The Hunger Games franchise to a new Hollywood themed park that is set to open in Dubai in October 2016.  Check out the press release below for more details. Continue Reading »

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Natalie Dormer Covers SELF Magazine: Talks Cressida, Shooting Schedules, and Staying in Shape


Natalie Dormer, our Cressida, is featured on the cover of SELF magazine’s April issue.  Inside, SELF talked with Natalie about her exhausting filming schedules, staying fit, being involved in two popular franchises, and formulating kinships with cast and crew.

In Mockingjay, Cressida joins the team in battle to document and assist Katniss’ efforts in leading the rebellion.  Which required some understandably grueling work on Natalie’s end.  And on top of all that, she was training for the 2014 London Marathon at the same time.  Natalie says she had already signed up for the marathon prior to taking on the job, and finding time and energy to train in the midst of such a demanding role proved to be a challenge.

“The role required her to report for work at 5 a.m. every day, so that half of her head could be shaved and an intricate fake tattoo could be applied to her scalp. Then, after 12-hour days of shooting battle scenes, she’d spend another hour working out at night, alternating between running the hilly streets of Atlanta—where filming took place—and doing interval sessions at a local gym. All of this was to prep for the April 2014 London marathon. “I actually look back on it now and think, F—ing hell, how did I do that?” she says.”


But Natalie says her discipline and determination paid off:

 “In Mockingjay—Part 2, I’m basically running around in heavy armor while carrying a semiautomatic rifle,” she says of the film that will hit theaters this fall. “I don’t know how I would have kept up with [costars] Liam Hemsworth or Sam Claflin if I hadn’t been in the best cardiovascular shape of my life.”

Continue Reading »

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Francis Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks To Receive ‘Director of the Year’ and ‘Breakthrough Filmmaker’ Awards at CinemaCon

FrancisLawrencePicforCinemaConArticle ElizabethBanksCinemaCon2013

Awards season isn’t over for some of our incredible Hunger Games team.  Francis Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks will both be honored at this year’s CinemaCon, receiving awards for ‘Director of the Year’ and ‘Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year’.

This year marks the 5th annual CinemaCon, which is the official convention of The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).   The event will be held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from April 20 – 23.   Francis and Elizabeth are expected to attend on the last day, April 23rd, to receive their awards.

Mitch Neuhauser, Managing Director of CinemaCon, had this to say about Francis’ award in an official press release:

 “Since making his feature film debut ten years ago, Francis Lawrence has mesmerized moviegoing audiences with his own unique and inventive style,” noted Neuhauser. “A true visionary, Lawrence is sure to captivate audiences next fall when ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,’ the eagerly anticipated finale of the box-office franchise, hits our theaters. We couldn’t think of a more deserving director and are thrilled to be honoring him with the ‘CinemaCon® Director of the Year Award.’”

Neuhauser praised Elizabeth Banks for her upcoming directorial debut, Pitch Perfect 2:

 “One of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses and a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes at Brownstone Productions, Elizabeth Banks draws some of her cast’s finest performances to date as she helms “Pitch Perfect 2,” noted Neuhauser. “Elizabeth is already a well-deserving CinemaCon honoree for her talents as a performer, and we could not be more excited to honor her as the ’CinemaCon Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year’ as she makes the transition behind the camera to direct her first feature.’”

Continue Reading »

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‘Mockingjay’ Cast Share Their Least Favorite Filming Moments + How They’d Survive in The Arena


We’ve heard a lot of great Mockingjay set stories and memories from our cast members over the last year, including funny bloopers and practical jokes. But the gang was recently asked by Cosmopolitan UK to share their least favorite filming moments.  Here is what they said.

No one named specific instances that they disliked, but rather general filming annoyances. Jennifer Lawrence says her least favorite memory was something “where she was cold,” whereas Natalie Dormer says it was difficult putting in the long hours on a movie that had “ smoke and fire” and required “a lot of physical elements.”

Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks both agreed that their least favorite memories were travelling to the filming locations. Which is understandable considering shooting occurred both stateside in Atlanta and also in Europe. Plus, Julianne shot an entire movie (Still Alice) on her breaks during Mockingjay. That would definitely be exhausting!

Sam Claflin had the sentimental response saying his least favorite moment was the end of filming the series. “As we drew closer and closer to the end coming, it really got tougher and tougher,” he said.

Continue Reading »

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‘Mockingjay Part 1,’ Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence Win Big at the KCA’s

Kids Choice Liam

This past Saturday evening, Nickelodeon held it’s annual slime encased honors, the Kid’s Choice Awards.  Mockingjay Part 1 and its cast went into the night with four nominations and came home with 3 wins! Continue Reading »

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Josh Hutcherson Talks Project Imagination, Fame, and What He’ll Miss (And Won’t Miss) After Filming ‘The Hunger Games’

Josh Project Imagination

In a recent interview with ABC News,  Josh talked about life after filming The Hunger Games and his current collaboration with Canon.  Josh discussed his filmmaking contest, Project Imagination: The Trailer, which allows fans to create a trailer and win a chance to have it made into a short film starring Josh.  He is excited about the contest because he gets to “hear and see these stories from people who never otherwise would have a chance to make a film out of their life.”

Josh also talked about how his life has changed since becoming a huge star after taking on the role of our Peeta Mellark. He said that for the most part, “it’s not that bad” dealing with recognition in public – unless he is in an area full of young people. “If I go to a store across from a high school and school gets let out, I’m in trouble.”

When asked about what he will miss most now that filming for The Hunger Games is over, Josh unsurprisingly said he’ll miss not spending time with his costars.

“I’m going to miss just being with everyone that much,” he said. “We are all still close and see each other on a fairly regular basis. When you are filming, it’s 12 plus hours a day for months at a time. It’s kind of sad, because you had such a great time making them, now it’s coming to a close. But also, I think everyone is ready to move on to the next stages of their careers and lives and everything.”

Josh also mentioned the thing he won’t miss: Dying his hair.

“I’m excited to shed the blonde hair!” he said. “That’s the thing that I was like, ‘Get out of here!’ Having to do touch ups all the time and get my hair re-dyed and bleached, was not my thing at all.”

To read more of Josh’s interview, click here.

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RUMOR: #MockingjayPart 2 Teaser to Make Theatrical Debut with ‘Age of Adaline’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

screencap part 2 logoThe dust had barely settled on today’s Mockingjay Part 2 reveals, when news that an actual teaser trailer for the film was on the horizon.

Thanks to Jabberjays.net staffer, Ronnie, we’ve learned that the Remember Logo Reveal for Mockingjay Part 2 is in its own form of a limited run.  Paperwork along with Remember suggests an end to its run on April 24th and the debut of the teaser trailer with Lionsgates’ Age of Adaline that same day.  The notes also indicate a not so unexpected run of the teaser with Avengers: Age of Ultron which hits US theaters on May 1st.

We’re sure Lionsgate will continue its streak of releasing the teaser online first before it’s theatrical debut.  The question becomes do they take the opportunity to release it 2 weeks earlier along with the MTV Movie Awards (4/12) or do they take the more expected route and put it online earlier the week of 4/24, perhaps on Capitol TV or an online media outlet as they did today with EW?  We’ll have to wait for more information to be certain, though personally we’d lean more toward a day closer to the theatrical debut.

Either way we know we could be seeing the teaser in a little more than a month!

NOTE: This is still all unconfirmed by Lionsgate at this point, but the theatrical notes were right about the logo reveal, so we’re thinking there isn’t any real reason not to trust them this time.  But for now try not to get your expectations too high, just in case. ;)

Thanks to Jabberjays.net for the tip!