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Win Mockingjay Part 2 prizes with Krave breakfast cereal


Krave Mockingjay

Krave breakfast cereal are giving UK and Ireland residents the chance to win Mockingjay Part 2 themed prizes, when you buy a promotional pack in stores.

The prizes include, a trip for 2 to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in America with flights and a hotel stay included, tablets, posters (including some signed by the cast) and black Mockingjay Part 2 pins.

To win, enter the 10 digit code printed on the inside of the box, at thg.chocovore.com. Entrants must be 16+ and registration is required.

There is 1 prize to win per hour so good luck to all those who decide to enter!

For full details and conditions head to thg.chocovore.com

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Willow Shields talks #MockingjayPart2 with Justine

Willow JustineWillow Shields is featured in the recent issue of Justine Magazine. In the interview she discusses growing up with Prim, her favorite scene from Mockingjay Part 2, and whether she’s more like Prim or Katniss in real life.

Justine Magazine: You’ve grown up so much from the original Hunger Games to the final movie, and so has your character. Do you connect with Prim’s maturity growth?
Willow Shields: I think, you know, there is that connection with the fact that we are the same age throughout each film. That’s the only real big connection I have with Prim just because she lives in such a different world than I do. I was ten when I started the first film and now I’m 15! It’s been a huge part of my life and I’ve kind of grown up with her. Continue Reading »

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PHOTO: Jennifer, Josh & Liam Play Happy, Sad, Confused with MTV’s Josh Horowitz

During their Camp Mockingjay retreat with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Jennifer, Josh & Liam had a little fun playing Happy, Sad, Confused. Check out the images below.

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New Still of Prim from #MockingjayPart2

The still avalanche continues! (And we’re not complaining!) Today we’ve got a nice one of Prim which was originally featured in the “For Prim” promotional video and recently released by Entertainment Weekly. Check it out below.

still Prim

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NEW #MockingjayPart2 Fatheads Now Available!

Fathead mural

Fathead known for their amazing and detailed wall decorations has launched their new line dedicated to Mockingjay Part 2. The stick and peel images range in price from $50 – $110, with each set containing multiple graphics.  You can check out the images in the gallery below and head over to Fathead for more details. Continue Reading »

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Jennifer Lawrence talks fame with EW


In a recent interview with EW, Jennifer Lawrence spoke about the almost “overnight fame” that came along with the role of Katniss Everdeen and how it was at first difficult to handle.

She first went on to talk about her initial expirience of fame:

“The whole world starts looking at you differently,”

“I remember getting really emotional just trying to get a coffee because I felt everywhere I looked, everybody was reacting and it made me feel alienated. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel a part of humanity in this weird way.”

She then goes on to say how her close friends who supported her at the time:

“I was living with my best friend and I surrounded myself with such a good group that were all, obviously, looking at me the same,” she added. “So in my intimate world, nothing changed.”

She then finally talks about how, despite the support of friends and family,  she still found the loss of privacy upsetting:

“I was angry for a long time because I felt like I should have the right to drive without being followed. I should have the right to not be photographed, especially when you’re going to put my picture next to a story that came out of f—ing nowhere,”

“I was so angry for a long time and now I feel like I just don’t have the energy for that anymore. I’ve got such a great life and such a great job. There are some s—ty things that come along with it, but you know, whatever.”


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More NEW #MockingjayPart2 Stills — Peeta, Gale, Katniss and Effie

Three more new stills have popped up on the interwebs featuring Peeta, Katniss, Gale and Effie.  Take a look!

Gale and Katniss Still Peeta Still Effie Still

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Tales from President Snow’s Greenhouse — A Look Inside his Confrontation with Katniss

12077101_10153109723527401_530683312_nIn Entertainment Weekly’s Mockingjay Part 2 feature we are given a first look inside President Snow’s greenhouse and that tense confrontation with Katniss.  Fans of the book know how important that moment is to the scenes that follow and now Francis Lawrence gives EW behind the scenes details on that shot.

To create it, director Francis Lawrence was inspired by the Victorian-era structures with slender frames and thin glass paneling. “I think of it as being Old World elegance in this new world [of Panem],” he says.

But finding an existing greenhouse to fit the bill proved impossible. Rather, the filmmakers shot the interiors of the contentious — yet revealing — scene on an Atlanta soundstage, where they filled the room with Snow’s signature roses. The exteriors were filmed on the grounds of an existing château in the town of Rambouillet, outside of Paris. As for all that snow outside, credit the wonders of CG.

The scene, which takes place after the Capitol has fallen, was sprung on the two actors at the last minute when another dropped off the schedule due to weather issues. But that didn’t stop Sutherland from nailing the dialogue-heavy moment. “Springing a scene on him like that was really tricky but he had it completely memorized,” says director Lawrence. “He was unbelievable.”

Source: EW

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VIDEO: First Clip of #MockingjayPart2 Introduces us to Star Squad 451

star squad

Several cast members shared via twitter that those Tributes who purchased tickets via Fandango would be treated to the very first clip from Mockingjay Part 2.  Now, none of us here at DWTC were able to buy our tickets through Fandango, but our twitter friend @HGScienceNerd did and she was gracious enough to share the video clip with us. Continue Reading »

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Regal Offers the #MockingjayPart2 Ultimate Ticket — See the Film Once a Day!

ultimate ticketFor US Tributes who just can’t get enough of seeing Mockingjay Part 2, Regal Cinemas has the deal for you with their Ultimate Ticket.

Guests with the Regal Ultimate Ticket can receive one admission to “Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2” each day for the entire run of the movie in Regal theaters. This limited edition stainless steel collectible is laser etched and features the iconic Mockingjay symbol. Each will be personalized FREE with the recipient’s name. Hurry! Production is limited to only 1,000 available units.

The card will be personalized with your name and you will be required to show a photo ID when you redeem it for each viewing (so sadly no sharing). At $100 it may seem a steep price to pay, but if you figure the average movie ticket is $13 it would only take approximatley 7 viewings to make it worth it financially.  So, it’s definitely something to consider.  Available tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours if you are interested.

Ultimate tickets can be ordered here.