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Francis Lawrence Describes Filming The #MockingjayPart2 Epilogue and Directing Jennifer’s Nephews


(Warning: Full spoilers ahead for the ending of Mockingjay: Part 2.  Although we really hope you’ve already seen it by now!)  In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Francis Lawrence described filming the epilogue scene at the end of Mockingjay: Part 2 and working with Jennifer Lawrence’s nephews.  When Jennifer accidentally let slip that Josh Hutcherson was […]

#MockingjayPart2 Tops the Box Office for a 2nd Weekend

The Mockingjay is still soaring atop the box office after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Mockingjay Part 2 brought in an estimated 75.8 million for the 5 day holiday stretch. That’s still behind Part 1 numbers (82.7M for the same stretch), but still very impressive overall. The final film in the franchise also dominated the box […]

Eugenie Bondurant talks her acting career, Tigris and working with Jennifer Lawrence with Talk Nerdy With Us

Eugenie Bondurant, the actress playing Tigris in Mockingjay Part 2,  spoke with Talk Nerdy With Us about her acting career, her character Tigris and working with Jennifer Lawrence. You started out your career as a model, what drew you towards acting? Were you always interested in acting? Eugenie: Well, I was modeling for years, and […]

Francis Lawrence talks creating the final movie and the epilogue with Blastr

With Mockingjay Part 2 being released at theatres and the series drawing to a close, Blastr caught up with director Francis Lawrence to discuss creating the final movie, the epilogue and adding new material. *Warning spoilers below* Blastr: A lot of fans balked at Suzanne Collins’ last book, Mockingjay, being split into two films, labeling it […]

LOOK: Tons of New #MockingjayPart2 Stills

Hold on to your bows Tributes! We’ve been slammed with some fantastic new stills from Mockingjay Part 2 this past week. Not sure how or why they seemed to have dumped all at once, but we aren’t complaining! Take a look at all of the new images below.

Francis Lawrence Talks about the Loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Filming the Final Scene in the Franchise

Lots of new press interviews featuring Mockingjay Director Francis Lawrence are making their way online. In this spoilery “tell all” interview with Uproxx,Francis talks about how the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman caused a change in the Mockingjay films, streamlining the narrative, why the Mockingjay films needed to be split, and that FINAL scene in […]

Francis Lawrence Talks Working with Suzanne Collins and his Responsibility to The Hunger Games Fan Base

Catching up on several older interviews we didn’t get a chance to post pre-release. This next piece features an interview Francis Lawrence had with Empire. In the interview Francis talks about working with Suzanne Collins, his responsibility to the fan base and losing Philip Seymour Hoffman and the effect it had on the films.

Francis Lawrence Explains why Mockingjay Needed to be 2 Films and How He Hopes the Story Will be Remembered

Did Mockingjay need to be split into 2 films? While fans and critics will probably continue to debate that question for some time to come, one person in particular knew it was the right decision to make, Director Francis Lawrence.  In a recent interview with IO9, Francis (and Producer Nina Jacobson) spoke about why it […]

WATCH: Eugenie Bondurant on Becoming Tigris

Former Hunger Games stylist Tigris may have went a little too far in her transformations for President Snow, but to us she is absolutely Purr-fect.  Actress Eugenie Bondurant recently spoke with Too Fab about how she learned of the roll, collaborating on the look of her character and more. Source: TooFab

WATCH: #MockingjayPart2 Press Interview Wrap Up — Part 2

More press interviews from the Mockingjay Part 2 Premieres and Press Junkets. Tons of goodies here so be sure to check them all out!