Video: Jeffrey Wright Talks ‘Mockingjay’ with the LA Times


Earlier this week, Jeffrey Wright  spoke to the LA Times during a Livestream from the Mockingjay set in Berlin.  Most of the conversation centered around Boardwalk Empire, but thankfully they couldn’t speak to our Beetee without getting in a few questions about his work on The Hunger Games films. Jeffrey confirms that filming on Mockingjay: Part 2 will […]

“Catching Fire” Takes Four Awards from Empire Cinemas

The awards keep rolling in! Catching Fire just took home four awards from the Empire Cinemas Alternative Movie Awards, including Best Sequel! The complete list follows: Best On-Screen Kiss (Katniss and Gale) Sexiest Actress (Jennifer Lawrence) Best Film Hero (Katniss) Best Sequel (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) The award nominations came with some steep competition; […]

Jennifer Lawrence Talks ‘X-Men’ on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’

X-Men: Days of Future Past premiered this Friday and stars our very own Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the blue mutant, Mystique. Jennifer recently stopped by Live with Kelly and Michael to talk about the movie, among other things, including a hilarious game of “Name that Jen” that you just have to see to believe! Check […]

Stephanie Leigh Schlund Joins “Divergent” Sequel

The talented cast of the Hunger Games films continues to branch out into new and exciting projects. The latest to do so is Stephanie Leigh Schlund, who played District One victor and 75th Hunger Games tribute Cashmere in Catching Fire. In a move sure to please fans of young adult franchises, she has recently accepted a […]

“The Hunger Games Punching Game” Explained by Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

This one gets filed under “don’t try this at home!” Reporters and fans alike have noticed a great deal of physical affection between Hunger Games cast members in the form of playful punches. At a recent Cannes red carpet, an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked Liam Hemsworth the million dollar question– “how did the Hunger Games […]

WATCH: Jennifer Tells GMA, ‘X-men Days of Future Past’ is a “Battle for Mystique’s Soul”

More press from Jennifer for X-men Days of Future Past.  This time she sits down with GMA’s Robin Roberts to discuss the film.  During the interview they talk about shooting with Hugh Jackman, the infamous blue make-up, the evolution of Mystique (Jennifer calls the film a “battle for her soul”), and her first trip to GMA. […]

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Harry Potter and Her Run in With Miley Cyrus at an Oscar After Party

Last night Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers to promote the upcoming release of X-men Days of Future Past (which arrives in theaters Friday!).  As usual with an interview with our girl, things usual take a hilarious and geeky route. During Clip 1, Jennifer talks about the Oscars, her BFF who is […]

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Keep from Sharing ‘Mockingjay’ Spoilers the ‘X-men’ Premiere

One of the things we love most about Jennifer Lawrence is how open and real she is.  Even when it comes to answering questions about her work on Mockingjay she’s willing to share details about the film that we’ll bet her PR person wishes she wouldn’t.  In this short red carpet blurb from the X-men: Days […]

WATCH: Yahoo Talks ‘Mockingjay’ Filming With The Cast & Francis Lawrence

Yahoo! Movies caught up with the cast of Mockingjay at the Cannes film festival. Josh Hutcherson mentioned that he is sad the series is coming to an end. Us too Josh, us too! Watch the mini interviews below: Source: Yahoo! Movies

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Cast Beginning to Arrive in Berlin, Germany

It looks like filming in Paris is winding down for the cast of Mockingjay and production is headed to Berlin, Germany! Some of the cast have been posting their arrivals on social media and one fan was lucky enough to snap and share a picture of meeting Sam Claflin in London (possibly stopping there before […]