“The Hunger Games” Director Gary Ross Talks About Casting Jennifer Lawrence, and Why He Did Not Continue On To “Catching Fire”


Stephen Galloway, a lucky member of The Hollywood Masters, got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview Gary Ross, the director of The Hunger Games, back in April at Loyola Marymount University. The video, and a transcription of the interview, can be found on The Hollywood Reporter website. Their conversation is generally based around getting to know […]

The Learning of How to Live, According to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Just this week (specifically on Monday, June 2nd) passed the four month marker since losing our beloved Plutarch Heavensbee: Philip Seymour Hoffman. To honor his memory, we think that the PBS Digital Studio’s animation of his talk on happiness and keeping darkness at bay is an absolutely worthwhile watch. In this video (included below the […]

Jena Malone Talks About Her First Day on The Set of Catching Fire

Jena Malone is a woman of many talents.  When she’s not bringing characters like Johanna Mason to life on screen, she is busy creating music with her band, The Shoe.  Jena recently spoke with The A.V. Club about music and her first day on the The Hunger Games set. “First day on The Hunger Games JM: My first day on The […]

Sam Claflin talks Hunger Games with Your Tango

  Sam Claflin recently completed an interview with Your Tango commenting on his much-loved character Finnick and working with Jennifer Lawrence. Lets talk about Finnick in The Hunger Games. How are the last two sequels going these days? What can we expect? We’re halfway done filming so there is light at the end of the […]

Jena Malone leaves Johanna behind

In an interview with Jena Malone and her collaborator Lem Jay Ignacio about their new album I’m OK with their band The Shoe , Jena talked about wrapping on Mockingjay and never playing Johanna again. JM: “I just finished shooting everything two weeks ago. It’s crazy. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say that. We are finishing in June. […]

Sam Claflin Talks Fame and Finnick with Hunger Magazine

Sam Claflin is featured in the latest issue of Hunger Magazine, where he discusses newfound notoriety, as well as his experience being involved in The Hunger Games thus far.  Taking on a hugely popular franchise isn’t an easy feat, and Sam provides some insight into how his life has changed since his first appearance in Catching Fire. “YOU’VE […]

Latest teaser trailer and poster for Sam Claflin`s “Love, Rosie”

.[youtube] A new teaser trailer for Sam Claflin`s upcoming film with Lily Collins, “Love, Rosie” has come out along with a new poster. The first two teaser trailers introduced the leads, where as this one gives us more of an insight into the story ,which by all counts look like a right laugh from […]

WATCH: Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin Hint at Recently Filmed ‘Mockingjay’ Scenes

Okay, we’ve got more video for you from last night’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards, this time Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin joke around backstage about how nice it is to see each other all dressed up for the event.  Natalie is especially excited that Sam has made an effort and is not covered […]

WATCH: Sam Claflin Accepts Glamour Magazine’s Man of the Year Award

  Last night, Sam Claflin was honored with the Man of the Year award from Glamour Magazine.  His Mockingjay co-star Natalie Dormer was on hand to present Sam with this prestigious honor.  You can check out video below of the event, Natalie and Sam appear at the 3:21 mark…and uhh watch our Finnick closely as he […]

Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin React to ‘The Hunger Games’ Three Finger Salute Being Used in Thailand Protests

At last night’s Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards, Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin were asked for their reaction to the Protesters in Thailand adopting The Hunger Games Three Finger Salute to show their displeasure with the military government in the country. Natalie and Sam are at the 1:15 mark. Thanks Sophie for the tip!