New Still & Character Posters From Sam Clafin’s ‘The Quiet Ones’!

Here is a brand new still from Sam Claflin’s The Quiet Ones plus a couple of the motion character posters. I swear I get freaked out every time I watch a trailer for this movie but it still looks so good! Be sure to follow The Quiet Ones on their social media networks! Official Site: […]

Love This Deleted Scene of Jennifer Lawrence Lip Syncing in ‘American Hustle’!

This deleted scene is so awesome! Check out Jennifer Lawrence rocking out and lip syncing to Live and Let Die by The Beatles in American Hustle. I love it!

Sam Claflin Calls ‘Mockingjay’ An Emotional Journey

Sam is featured in the March issue of TotalFilm and he is looking mighty handsome! Check out a transcript below were Sam talks about The Quiet Ones, Mockingjay, and his future. Sam Claflin is catching fire. At least he was last year – riding the waves he made in Pirates 4 and Snow White & The Huntsman […]

Mahershala Ali (Boggs) on Working with Jennifer Lawrence and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Vulture recently interviewed Mahershala Ali, who plays Boggs in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2. The interview mostly covered his work on House of Cards, but they managed to ask a few questions on his time filming Mockingjay and he had nothing but great things to say about both Jennifer Lawrence and Philip Seymour Hoffman. You’re […]

VIDEO: HG Girl on Fire Interviews Bruno Gunn

Bruno Gunn made an appearance at a Walmart in Elgin, Illinois last week in celebration of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire releasing on DVD/Blu-ray and our friends over at HG Girl on Fire attended the event and were able to get a great interview! They talk about his favorite and most difficult scenes to film. Watch […]

PHOTOS: ‘Catching Fire’ Cast Attends Walmart DVD/Blu-ray Midnight Release Parties

Willow Shields, Bruno Gunn, Lynn Cohen, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund made appearances at three Walmart DVD/Blu-ray midnight release parties in Illinois, California, and New Jersey last week. Check out the gallery below for photos from all the festivities! Photos via and Panem Propaganda

Video: Willow Shields Talks Working With Jennifer Lawrence!

Extra recently interviewed Willow Shields about what it’s like working with Jennifer Lawrence. Willow says Jennifer is like a big sister to her. Awww! Willow also talks about her twin sister, filming Mockingjay, and the Catching Fire DVD extras! We can’t embed this video, so click on the photo below to watch!

Video: Elizabeth Banks Says Effie Has “Villainous” Qualities

The Hunger Games Facebook posted this fun video of Elizabeth Banks talking about which character she would like to play other then Effie Trinket! Post by The Hunger Games.

Alan Ritchson Reveals That Jennifer Lawrence LOVES Candy

Alan Ritchson spilled to Ryan Seacrest that Jennifer Lawrence has a major sweet tooth! “Jennifer Lawrence used to walk around with gallon-sized Ziploc bags full of candy,” Alan reveals. “She has such a powerful presence on screen and then they’d yell ‘cut’ and she’d grab literally every candy known to man. It was funny.” Source: […]

Video: Josh Hutcherson & Jena Malone Talk New Cast Joining ‘Catching Fire’

M Magazine has a new short interview with Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone. They talked about filming and what it was like for the new cast members, like Jena, to join Catching Fire! Source: Hunger Games Network