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Watch: Trailer for Liam Hemsworth’s new movie “The Dressmaker”


A new trailer has been released for Liam Hemsworth’s upcoming movie “The Dressmaker”. The movie, also starring Kate Winslet and Judy Davis, tells the story of Tilly Dunnage who returns to the town where she grew up after spending years away working as a fashion designer. Her arrival however, stirs things up in the town […]

VIDEO: Jennifer, Josh, Liam, and Francis Interviews with ScreenSlam at Comic-Con

Comic-Con has already winded down from the weekend but a few soundbites rolled out this week.  ScreenSlam talked to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Francis Lawrence about their last Comic-Con, wrapping the franchise, and what the series means to them. Side note:  Check out Nina in the background of Francis’ interview!  She’s really […]

Watch More From SDCC: Josh, Jennifer and Liam Chat with E!

Lots more interview clips to share with you. This time Josh, Jennifer, and Liam chat with Mark Malkin from E! Check them out after the jump.

WATCH: The Cast of #MockingjayPart2 Chats with IMDB at SDCC

  More SDCC interview footage for you! This time IMDB has a few short clips with the cast mixed in with the Mockingjay Part 2 teaser trailer.  Jennifer talks about how the series has changed her life, Josh praises the fans, Willow talks about how special it was to work with Oscar winners and more.  

Watch: Jennifer, Josh, Liam and Willow talk fans and the legacy of The Hunger Games with Fandango Movieclips

At Comic Con this week Jennifer, Josh, Liam and Willow spoke to Fandango Movieclips about what it was like to be interviewed by the fans at Comic Con and what legacy did the movies leave behind. Willow added that they think of their fans as cool, geeky, smart, intelligent young people that really understand the […]

WATCH: ‘The Hunger Games’ Cast “Spoils” the End of ‘Mockingjay: Part 2′

We all know everything there is to know about Mockingjay the book, including all of the details about what happens to the characters by the end.  But what about the final movie adaptation?  Nerdist asked the cast “spoil” the ending of Mockingjay: Part 2.   Watch their answers in the clip after the jump.  Their answers may surprise […]

VIDEO: Jennifer, Josh, and Liam Discuss the End of ‘The Hunger Games’, Fans, and Their Personal Obsessions

While speaking to the press at Comic-Con this week, Jennifer, Josh, and Liam talked with ExtraTV about their Comic-Con experiences. Jennifer was asked if she could relate to the passion the fans have for ‘The Hunger Games’ and revealed that she was a huge Harry Potter fan.  She also commented on the “incredibly emotional” moments […]

WATCH: Jennifer, Josh, and Liam on Conan — Full Episode

Conan O’Brien couldn’t get his fill of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth yesterday.  After he moderated the Mockingjay Part 2 panel with them, he also had them on his show just a few hours later.  Last night we posted a few teaser clips from the episode, and now the full show is available for […]

WATCH: Soundbite Interviews, B-roll Footage & Highlight Reel from the #MockingjayPart2 Panel

We’ve got even more great SDCC footage for you!   Check out these interview soundbites from Jennifer, Josh, Liam, Willow, Francis, and Nina.  As well as b-roll footage, and highlights from the press conference and panel.

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson Can’t Stop Talking about Josh’s Comic-Con Mask

In case you haven’t already heard, Josh Hutcherson has been sneaking his way around Comic-Con by using a creepy old man mask to hide his face. This is a widely discussed topic, and Maker Studios got a chance to talk to Jennifer, Liam, and Josh about the disguise. Additionally, the interviews go over what disguises […]