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The Cast Chat About Mockingjay Part 2 With MTV


The world is ready and waiting for Mockingjay Part 1, but what about Part 2? In a recent interview with MTV, the cast answer the question,  What can fans look forward to in Mockingjay Part 2?  

WATCH: Jennifer, Josh and Liam Bring a New Clip from Mockingjay Part 1 to GMA

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth stopped by Good Morning America this morning to chat about the film and to share a new clip.  As usual the interview is amazing and the clip…ahh well, we’ll let you decide if you want to watch. Sneak Peek Clip is in this’ve been warned!

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Takes Over the Late Show with David Letterman

Last night Jennifer Lawrence basically took over the Late Show with David Letterman, and we’re pretty sure no one, not even Dave is complaining. We love any Jennifer interview (we’re a bit biased) but this one is definitely one of our absolute favorites! From topics such as intestines, singing, ghosts, hobbies, family, bowling, and of […]

Which “Hunger Games” Cast Member Would Win a Fight Again Jennifer Lawrence?

Buzzfeed had the most important (well kind of) question at the London premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. Which Hunger Games cast member would win a fight against Jennifer Lawrence? Head on over to Buzzfeed to see who would win the fight!

Watch: Late Night Teaser — Jennifer Sings with David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence appearance on David Letterman will be airing shortly in the Eastern US Time Zone, but the folks at Late Night have shared a great teaser for the episode. In this clip Jennifer talks about her fear of singing and how she tried to get out of actually singing The Hanging Tree in the […]

WATCH: ‘Mockingjay’ Cast Recalls the Funniest Stories They’ve Seen about Themselves

“I’ve been pregnant more times than I count” quips Jennifer Lawrence when posed with the question of what some of the funniest made up news stories are about her and her cast mates. Watch and see what other stories the Mockingjay cast finds hilarious.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks To Entertainment Tonight At London Premiere Of Mockingjay Part 1

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Jennifer Lawrence at the London premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. A lot of the interview is a little irrelevant concerning Jen’s love life ect but it is still great to see her interacting with the fans. Source:  

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth Talk Big Changes In Mockingjay With HitFix

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth this week spoke with HitFix about the big changes in Mockingjay Part 1. Be warned the clip below shows a very small movie clip and some behind the scenes footage in case you are avoiding spoilers.

Sam Claflin and Other Mockingjay Co-Stars Pulled Scary Prank on Jennifer Lawrence

Oh no! This is so hilarious, but if it was me in the tunnel, I would have been screaming my lungs out too. Read more how Jennifer’s Mockingjay co-stars played a scary prank on her. Sam Claflin has spoken about a scary prank he and his Hunger Games co-stars played on Jennifer Lawrence. The Brit […]

Sam Talks Key Finnick Scene & Jen, Josh & Liam Talk Fangirling Over Lorde With Lydia Batham

In this first interview, Sam talks Finnick’s “stripping” scene and how he prepared for it, being Hangry (which I have totally been before), watching X-Factor, and more. In this second interview, Jennifer, Josh, and Liam talk evolving with their characters, fangirling over Lorde, and more! Enjoy! Source: lydiabatham