2014 Oscar Highlights: Jennifer Lawrence, Falls, Pizza, Selfies, and More, Oh My!

If you missed last nights Oscars you missed a really good show. I have never been so entertained watching the Oscars because,  well…they can be a little boring sometimes. Check out all the awesomeness that went down last night (no pun intended) Right off the bat, Jennifer Lawrence takes a spill on the Oscars red […]

Willow Shields Talks Prim’s Evolution + New BTS ‘Catching Fire’ Photo

Willow Shields talks Prim’s evolution, Katniss and Prim’s relationship, and more with Socialite Life. This is a really good interview. I love that we have been able to watch Willow grow and mature before our eyes! What is your favorite thing about Prim’s evolution? My favorite thing is just how mature she’s getting, and how […]

Video: Elizabeth Banks, Ve Neill, and Trish Summerville Talk Effie’s Butterfly Dress

AOL ON has given us a behind-the-scenes look of Effie’s amazing butterfly dress! Elizabeth Banks, Ve Neill, and Trish Summerville dish about the butterfly dress and the rest of Effie’s look during the reaping scene.

Contest: Win a ‘Catching Fire’ DVD & $5000 Dollars From Ryan Seacrest!

Whoa, that’s a lot of money! Ryan Seacrest has an amazing contest going on and you could win. Ryan’s got your shot at $5000 to trick out your home entertainment center along with a copy of the DVD. Throw the BIGGEST The Hunger Games: Catching Fire party on the block! • “SPECTACULAR in every sense […]

Video: UK ‘Catching Fire’ DVD Release TV Spot

The Catching Fire DVD release date is getting sooooo close, so here’s a TV Spot for the release in the UK! Source: Via

Video: Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth Together in Jimmy Kimmel Spoof “Let It Go”

Who would have thought we could have both Hemsworth brothers in one movie? Jimmy Kimmel is hosting an After the Oscars special and to tease it, he made an Oscar worthy spoof full of drama. The teaser clip features Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, and Meryl Streep and it’s awesome. Check it out below! Source: Via HGGirlOnFire

Lionsgate Releases The Official Synopsis For ‘Mockinjay Part 1′

Oh my gosh, it’s really happening! The official Synopsis for Mockingay Part 1 has been released by Lionsgate Publicity! The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire withThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of […]

Nina Jacobson Tweets About Tigris’ Shop in ‘Mockingjay’!

This has us all kinds of excited! Nina Jacobson tweeted about Tigris’ shop in Mockingay and it sounds pretty freakin awesome! Are you following Nina on Twitter yet? If not, you should because she tweets some amazing info from the set of Mockingjay!

3 New BTS Photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and More on The Set of ‘Catching Fire’

Check out these new behind-the-scenes photos of Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, and director Francis Lawrence on the set of Catching Fire! Source: FanVoice via PanemPropaganda 

Catching Fire Blu-ray Video – Why ‘Catching Fire’ Looks So Different Than ‘The Hunger Games’

Honestly, I loved the Hunger Games but I loved Catching Fire. Like love loved it. The shaky cam may have been favorable for some, but I preferred the smooth style of Francis Lawrence.  This awesome blu-ray bonus video tells exactly what differences there were between the first and second film. Check it out above! “I […]